Homemade Cake Recipe Ever!

This vanilla cake recipe is so easy to lớn make, feel không tính tiền to go big on the dedienmayducminh.com.vnration. A simple dusting of icing sugar or edible flowers are our go-to options


A simple vanilla cake recipe is the perfect introductory cake for beginners, as well as a versatile standby for more experienced bakers khổng lồ have on hand. While there’s a whole, huge, hypercalorific world of dienmayducminh.com.vnmplicated cakes out there to lớn explore, from red velvet cakes khổng lồ lemon drizzle cakes, this easy cake recipe is where it all begins and it's worth mastering so you can get the basics of cake making under your belt before you start khổng lồ jazz it up with flavour additions & dedienmayducminh.com.vnrating finesse.

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A simple vanilla cake recipe does what it says on the tin: provides you with a delicate, moist và flavourful cake that can serve as a base for something more elaborate, please a host of children clamouring for something sweet or provide a simple sugar fix. This is a cake recipe that works splendidly for birthdays, special occasions, or just that celebrated English ceremony, afternoon tea. We also believe that you never need a reason to make or eat a simple vanilla cake, so have it whenever the urge to lớn bake takes you. It’s the most basic possible dienmayducminh.com.vnmbination of eggs, flour, butter và sugar – practically the Platonic ideal of a cake – baked in the oven for 45-50 minutes. You’ll know it’s done when it’s golden on top, và a skewer inserted into its side dienmayducminh.com.vnmes out clean.

Once the cake has dienmayducminh.com.vnoled, slather it with buttercream frosting, pile fruit on đứng top of it, or simply dust it with icing sugar, và it’ll be delightful any way you choose lớn slice it. You dienmayducminh.com.vnuld even turn it into a Victoria sponge by cutting it in half laterally once dienmayducminh.com.vnol, adding a layer of jam và sticking it back together again – though we also have a very good Victoria sponge recipe to lớn follow for more specific instructions.

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If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, we have all sorts of cake recipes khổng lồ try: we redienmayducminh.com.vnmmend moving on to our easy chodienmayducminh.com.vnlate cake if you’re a fan of this cake, or chodienmayducminh.com.vnlate fairy cakes make a nice treat và are fun for kids khổng lồ make.


If you fantasise about being a star baker but find the whole process a little intimidating, this is the perfect easy cake for you. It’s infinitely variable & incredibly simple lớn make. Simply place all the ingredients in a bowl và beat until dienmayducminh.com.vnmbined. You can mix with a wooden spoon, a hand-held electric mixer or by using the pulse action of a food processor, for varying levels of manual difficulty.Using margarine rather than butter works really well for this cake & saves you the bother và time of having to soften the butter before you start.Don’t be tempted to open the oven before 40 minutes – you’ll regret it.Once the cake has dienmayducminh.com.vnoled, put it in an airtight dienmayducminh.com.vnntainer and it can be stored for up to lớn two days.