Chef john's salt roasted chicken recipe


Salt Baked Chicken 鹽焗雞 is a classic Hakka Chinese dish that is salty, briny and super juicy! This chicken recipe, while subtle, really highlights the quality of the bird - it is so flavourful of chicken essence.

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What Gives Salt Baked Chicken Its Distinctive Flavour?

Traditionally, this Hakka dish bakes the whole chicken in hot salt bath while remaining super juicy, moist và not at all salty.

You can buy salt-baked powder seasoning packets in supermarkets now for Modern Chinese Salted Chicken recipes. Look for the ones without MSG. This quick method is relatively easy và saves a lot of guesswork.

What is the Difference Between Ginger & Galangal powder?

Ginger powder is not the same as Galangal powder, aka sand ginger powder 沙薑粉.The most significant difference is their taste: galangal has a sharp citrusy profile; ginger 生薑 is hot và spicy.

What is Galangal? Galangal is also known as thai ginger & is commonly found in Southeast Asian cuisines like Thai, Indonesian, & Malaysian cooking. It is smoother and paler compared lớn ginger.

Essentially, sand ginger powder 沙薑粉 is galangal ginger dried và powdered.

What Kind of Chicken khổng lồ Use

We like to use Specialty Asian Chickens lượt thích Loong Kong Chicken or Taiwanese Chicken when cooking Chinese chicken recipes.

In addition, I also prefer to lớn use whole chickens and make extra for leftovers. The Specialty Asian Chickens" flavour is robust & is sold in the marketplace with their feet and head attached.

How to Prepare The Chicken

For this recipe, we usedWingTat"s Canada Chicken 加美雞 for their consistency in meat to lớn fat ratio...

Clean the chicken and remove the inners. After cleaning, pat dry và rub salt-baked chicken seasoning or sand ginger powder & sea salt on the chicken & let air dry for 5 to 10 minutes.

Pro Tip:Rest your bird on a clean 1L glass milk jar or wine bottle.

Salt Baked Chicken Cooking Tips

While the chicken is being marinated, prepare the green onions, ginger slices và Chinese sausage for stuffing. I highly recommend adding Chinese sausage to lớn this recipe to increase the flavour profile complexity. Par-boil the Chinese sausage.

Cut green onions into 5-inch sections, separating the greens and whites. Ginger julienned or into large 2 to 3-inch slices.

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Stuff the chicken cavity with Chinese sausages, a bunch of white parts of the green onions và a few slices of ginger.Adding the stuffings into the chicken will enhance the flavours. Adding Chinese sausages is optional, but I highly recommend it.

Line the steaming tray with green onions & ginger. If you are hosting, you can use the not so pretty ones for stuffing và save the pretty ones for garnishing.

How lớn Marinate Salt Baked Chicken

First, place the marinated chicken on the bed of green onions và ginger. Tie the drumsticks with kitchen twine or stuff the chicken legs inside the cavity.

Then, drizzle 2 tablespoons of Shaoxing Wine over the chicken. Shaoxing wine adds depth & flavour complexity. It makes the chicken that much more fragrant!

Remove the chicken from the oven after it is steam cooked. Rest for a few minutes.

Chicken Essence Liquid

After removing the chicken, pour ourchicken essence liquidfrom the steam tray. Save the chicken fat & chicken essence into a small bowl. Stir in extra Wrap with saran wrap & store in the refrigerator.

After being chilled, the chicken fat will separate from the chicken essence. Remove & discard the chicken fat. You can showroom a tablespoon of chicken essence lớn your daily cooking to enhance the flavour!

Next, cut up the whole chicken into sections.

Do not discard the chicken bones after the chicken has been de-boned. You can use the chicken bones lớn make stock or soup!

Garnish with cilantro và green onions & serve hot.

How to Steam a Chicken

How long does it take khổng lồ steam chicken? It takes about 30 minutes khổng lồ steam cook the chicken thoroughly.

Place atrivet rackin the wok to raise the steaming tray & bring water lớn a boil.

Next, steam the chicken until juices run clear for about 30 minutes, depending on the form size of the chicken.

Alternatively, for convenience, I prefer to steam in myCuisinart steam convection ovenfor 30 minutes at Super Steam 400F.

What is Chinese Sausage

There are many varieties and flavours of Chinese sausages available on the market. The most common is made with pork sausage 白油腸 or liver sausage 鮮潤腸 made with pork and chicken liver. My preference is to lớn use one of each type of Chinese sausage.

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