Meat buns recipe: how to make it

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Nikuman is Japanese steamed buns filled with delicious savory pork, shiitake mushroom, cabbage, and scallion. Learn how lớn make this favorite snack at home!


Do you have any food that evokes a special memory of your life? One of my dearest memories is snacking on a warm steamed bun called Nikuman during my commute trang chủ from college in the cold months. For me, Nikuman (肉まん), or Japanese-style Steamed Pork Bun, was not only my favorite winter snack but also a taste of nostalgia.

I used lớn stop by a convenience store for my Nikuman treat; the steaming hot bun kept my hands and heart warm. By the way, Japanese convenience stores sell not only snacks and drinks but a dizzying array of items lượt thích a mini supermarket. If you visit Japan, it’s definitely one place you should take a peek inside – it’s literally a “convenient” store.

What is Nikuman?

Nikuman is the Japanese name for the Chinese baozi (包子,肉包),also known as Chūka Man (中華まん). These steamed buns are made from flour dough & filled with meat & other ingredients. In western japan (西日本) including Osaka, they are called Buta Man (豚まん).

The savory buns are usually steamed inside the bamboo steamer và taste the best when you enjoy them right out hot và fluffy. The texture of the buns is tenderly soft & moist, và when you take a bite, the inside is bursting with sweet-savory, juicy meat mixtures.

During the winter monthsin Japan,convenience stores sell hot steaming chūka manincluding Nikuman, Kare–man (curry flavor), An-man (with red bean paste), andPizza-man (pizza flavor).

Yokohama, Japan’s 2nd largest đô thị I grew up in, has the largest Chinatown và I just loved walking around to lớn see the traditional Chinese steamed buns that are as big as my face being sold at the stores. Or at least that’s how I remembered as a small child.


Homemade Nikuman

My mom used to lớn buy packaged steamed buns from the store & they tasted pretty good as I remembered. I never thought this dishis something we could make at trang chủ until I visited my high school friend’s house for lunch years ago.

She made homemade nikuman for us & I was very impressed that she made the pork buns from scratch. To my surprise, she told me that they are very easy lớn make. The buns were so good as they were freshly made and everyone loved them. Since then I started to make my own & my family simply can’t get enough, especially my daughter who loves the soft white steamed buns.

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You might wonder if it’s really worth your time to lớn make the steamed buns at home, especially if you can just buy pre-packaged stuff from the grocery stores. But, let me tell you why you’ll love the homemade buns:

Why We Make Nikuman at Home:

Healthier – Prepackaged steamed buns tend lớn have additives or less ideal ingredients. It’s different when you make the buns from scratch.Customization – Don’t like pork? Then use your favorite ingredients for the fillings. Make it vegetarian or vegan. These steamed buns are for YOU! I lượt thích to make them in two sizes, big ones for the adults and small ones (like today’s recipe) for the kids.An approachable recipe – I was so glad when I discovered how easy it was to make my own steamed buns. Watch my video, & follow the step-by-step instructions. You’ll see how easy và straightforward the recipe is.Taste fresh và delicious – Nothing is better than food made fresh, right in your own kitchen. Steamed buns are definitely one of those dishes. These nikuman are so fresh tasting & satisfying!Freezer-friendly – Leftovers can be kept frozen & reheated easily khổng lồ enjoy later.

Making these steamed buns vì chưng pose some small challenges such as:

Requires to lớn rest the dough for some time – You have lớn let the dough rest và it’s necessary for good steamed buns.Needs lots of practice in folding & pleating – Making the steamed buns look good will require a little practice. But don’t worry. I’ll show you an easy method in the recipe & in my video clip tutorial, so you can follow along with confidence.

But don’t worry, nothing is too hard lớn stop anyone from giving the recipe a try!


Mastering The Folding & Pleating for Steamed Pork Buns

This is the part that intimidates people most. For many years, I folded the dough with the EASY method I shared in my recipe. My Nikuman tasted great, but the look could be better.

When my friend Maggie of Ominivore’s Cookbook shared her Kimchi Pork Steamed Bun recipe, she showed her mom’s technique of folding and pleating in her youtube video. Since then, I’ve been wrapping my nikuman the same way. I still need khổng lồ perfect my skill, but I’ve seen huge improvements with the method.

So I leave it up lớn you on how you want to wrap the dough. The nikuman taste great either way. Meanwhile, I’ll keep practicing my folding và pleating!

PS: If you enjoyed these steamed pork buns, I think you ought to kiểm tra out Shumai & Manju too!

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