Shrimp spring rolls with peanut sauce


This mouthwatering Seafood Spring Rolls Recipe going lớn wok your world. Crispy và packed with succulent seafood, it makes for the perfect appetizer or các buổi party food. Read on for the full recipe.

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Seafood Spring Rolls are undeniably one of my favourite Chinese appetizers ever, & I am thrilled to nội dung this simple recipe with you today.

Popular as a dim sum dish, street food, or even at Chinese New Year, these crispy bars of seafood perfection consist of a creamy mixed seafood filling, encased in a thin và crispy dough.

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And while the prospect of making them from scratch might seem daunting, you’ll be surprised lớn find that the filling is actually very easy to throw together, và that (after some practice) wrapping them isn’t so tough either.

So, keep scrolling for our foolproof seafood spring roll recipe. We hope it adds a spring-kle of delicious joy to your day.

Wrap & then fry right away

Speed is of the essence when it comes khổng lồ making these seafood spring rolls. Leaving the filling or wrapped spring rolls too long gives a chance for moisture khổng lồ escape & potentially make the spring rolls too soggy, so work quickly, and be sure khổng lồ fry those bad boys right away!

NOTE: If you leave your wrappers out too long, they might also dry out, so again, speed is of the essence, & make sure lớn keep your wrappers partially covered/protected while you work.



Separate your spring roll wrappers in advance for easier assembly later.Prepare your spring roll "sealer" by mixing 1 tbsp of water with either one beaten egg OR a tsp of cornstarch.Prep all your seafood by chopping it up into small cubes.Bring a pot of water to lớn a boil & add một nửa tsp salt.Add in your shrimp, scallops, & imitation crab. Boil for 30 seconds và then remove your seafood to dunk in a bowl of ice water. Drain your seafood, và pat it dry with a paper towel.In a large bowl, add your shrimp, scallops, and imitation crab, along with mayonnaise, salt, and white pepper. Mix your bowl aside.Wrap your spring rolls immediately and deep fry in a pot of oil (heated lớn about 350°F) until golden brown.Remove & drain on some paper towel lớn remove excess oil, then enjoy with some plum sauce or a dipping sauce of your choice!