Southern fried corn recipe


Buttery, Fried Corn is a classic Southern side dish that’s a pure delight. It’s simple, made in minutes with fresh corn, và is destined to shoot khổng lồ the đứng top of the danh sách of your favorite recipes after the first time you make it!


Fried corn is one of those recipes that brings back good memories. Pretty much everyone I knew growing up had their own version of this classic southern dish. It was always on the table for Sunday lunch after church or for supper. And, of course, it was on repeat during the summer when fresh corn was available.

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That’s the short story about this recipe, but the real truth is, the reason this recipe is so beloved is that it’s outrageously delicious. It’s just this simple – fresh corn, cooked in a cast iron skillet with a little bacon grease, is perfectly seasoned then finished with butter.

Southern Fried Corn is one of those simple recipes that prove why seasonal eating is so good.


Ingredients Needed lớn Make Fried Corn

Fresh Sweet Corn – naturally sweet with whatever variety you like.ButterBacon Grease – a must for me, but you can substitute butter if you don’t have any.Kosher SaltPepper

What Type Of Corn Is Best For This Recipe?

Fresh summer corn is best for this recipe. I use “super sweet” corn that I get from the farmers market, but you can use whatever type of corn you find fresh at the grocery store.

If you can’t find fresh corn, you can use frozen. Make sure khổng lồ thaw it completely and drain off any excess water.


How khổng lồ Make Fried Corn

The hardest part of this recipe is the prep work. Preparing the corn takes a little bit of time, but once you get organized, it goes quickly.

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Shucking the corn comes first. Take the husks và silk off of each corn cob and discard. I like to use a vegetable brush to lớn remove any additional silk on the corn.Next, using a sharp knife, cut the corn kernels off, but vị not cut all the way down to the cob. I use a large bowl, placed on a towel, lớn catch the kernels.Turn the knife around lớn the dull side and scrape the liquid or “milk” from the cob và place it in the bowl.Melt the bacon drippings và 2-tablespoons butter over medium-low heat. Add the corn and cook for 10 minutes so that the natural sweetness of the corn will be released.Season with salt và pepper, then stir in addition butter. Cook an additional 5 minutes until the corn has a creamy texture.Taste, adjust seasoning & serve.

Tips For Making Southern Fried Corn

While I totally recommend using bacon fat for flavor, you can make this recipe vegetarian by using all butter. You can địa chỉ more texture và flavor with fresh herbs, garlic, or onions và peppers tossed in.For a bit of spice, add in cayenne pepper or minced jalapeños.

How khổng lồ Store Leftovers

To store any leftovers, (lucky you!) place the corn in an airtight container in the fridge for up khổng lồ 3 days. Reheat on the stove vị trí cao nhất or in the microwave.


What to lớn Serve With Southern Fried Corn

If my family were khổng lồ answer this question, they’d say, “everything!” While that’s not exactly true, I do have a few favorites lớn serve with this easy side dish…