Vietnamese steamed rice cakes bánh bèo


We topped steamed rice cakes with stir-fried shrimps & a spicy lemongrass sauce. This delicious Vietnamese street food snack is easy to make và ready in just 30 minutes.

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Banh Beo is a street food snack very popular in Vietnamese cuisine. The classic recipe includes steamed rice cakes topped with dried shrimps and served with a spicy dipping sauce.

With our step-by-step recipe, we'll show how lớn make banh beo from scratch. It's incredibly easy & quick - all you need is a steamer & 30 minutes.

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The rice cakes are prepared with a simple batter of rice flour, salt, & water & then steamed for a few minutes until firm. As a topping, we opted for whole pan-fried shrimps to keep the recipe as simple as possible. But if you want to lớn prepare the classic dried shrimps, check our FAQ below và we'll explain how to bởi vì it.

What boosts this appetiser with a chất lượng Vietnamese flavour is the dipping sauce. Sweet & spicy, this sauce includes lemongrass, chillies, garlic, & a hint of vinegar và lime. We love it!

Not only delicious, banh beo is healthy too. Each rice cake has only 120 kcal, and it's high in proteinslow in carbs, covering 20% and 5% of your RDI respectively.

This recipe is also gluten-free and suitable for pescatarians. You can even make it vegan by swapping the prawns with mung beans, a type of legume often used in Southern Vietnamese cuisine. Let's get started!

The classic banh beo recipe includes dried shrimps which are used a topping for the steamed rice cakes.

To keep our recipe as simple và quick as possible, we have kept the prawns whole and then stir-fried them in little oil before adding them to the cakes.

However, if you want khổng lồ make the traditional dried shrimps, you can vị so by following our instructions below: