Vegan Tteokbokki ) Recipe By Maangchi


It’s the most common and popular food in Korea… like mac và cheese for Americans!

The most known tteokbokki style is definitely the street style one, the simplest one.

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Which loved by all Koreans too!

Homestyle Tteokbokki Recipe & Video!

My favorite tteokbokki though, it’s Jeukseok Tteokbokki.

“Jeukseok” means “Instant”. 

Street style tteokbokki’s usually cooked and simmered for hours due khổng lồ serving style. Definitely not “Instant” cooking.

So, in this case, “Jeukseok” the “Instant” means you “instantly” cook the tteokbokki và eat all same time.

When we were in Korea, we went lớn Sindangdong, Seoul. Just lớn eat this original tteokbokki.

Tteokbokki’s birth is not that long ago, it’s right after the Korean war.

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Before that, it was just stir-fried rice cake with soy sauce and only royal members or kings could enjoy the fancy food.

After the Korean war, a grandma accidentally dropped a piece of rice cake into Jjajangmyeon (Korean black noodles) and created tteokbokki.

The first tteokbokki, obviously succeeded BIG time và nowadays not only entire Korea but other countries enjoy the chất lượng flavor & the texture of tteokbokki!

The original tteokbokki (AKA Jeukseok Tteokbokki) is quite different than the one you usually see on the street.

The biggest difference thing is…

It’s cooked on the table, has lots of ingredients other than rice cake và fish cake.

Are you ready khổng lồ enjoy the original tteobokki at home?!

Let’s get started!

Combine gochujang, gochugaru, water, sugar, soy sauce, và chunjang (Black bean paste) in a small mixing bowl.

Vegan Jjajangmyeon Recipe & Video

We are using chunjang (Black bean paste) because that’s the secret ingredient for the original tteokbokki.

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Remember, the grandma dropped her rice cake into jjajangmyeon and the whole tteokbokki idea came?

She didn’t forget lớn add chunjang (Black bean paste) into her tteokbokki!

This sauce can be made a day or a week ahead & it will taste better day goes by!

Soak the tteok, the rice cake in hot water for đôi mươi minutes or longer.

In a wide shallow pot, place cabbage, onion, & carrot first. Then place fish cake & rice cake.

If you put rice cake first on the bottom of the pot, it will stick to it!

Then jjolmyeon noodles, ramen and pour the sauce we made earlier.

Lastly, put hard-boiled eggs & dumplings right on đứng đầu then carefully pour the chicken stock.

Most of the time, jeukseok tteokbokki is served on the table & eat as it’s cooking!

So bring the original tteokbokki (jeukseok tteokbokki) pot to the table with a portable gas stove.

Bring the soup khổng lồ a boil and reduce heat lớn medium. Let it simmer for about 5 minutes or until noodles are fully cooked.

Stir as needed.

Watch the Tutorial Video!

Start eating the ramen noodles và fish cake first while it’s still simmering over medium-low heat.

Then finally you can enjoy the rice cake & everything else! Control the heat as you go.

When are about khổng lồ done & finished, it’s time khổng lồ make fried rice with the leftover sauce!

So increase heat lớn medium-high and showroom cold rice & gim into the pot.

Stir fry until rice’s coated evenly with the sauce and spread evenly on the bottom of the pot.

Let it sizzle for a couple of minutes to lớn create a slightly burnt crispy bottom.

Now, turn off the heat and enjoy!

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