8 skin whitening home remedies


Glowy, bare skin is the go-to look all summer but all that sun can take a toll even if you wear sunscreen. A certain percent of the sun"s rays still get through. Now that fall is here, your skin may be making some major shifts plus showing signs of all that fun in the sun. If you are experiencing the post-summer skin blues – rough, dull, spotty, uneven skin – it’s time to learn how to lớn brighten skin naturally and diminish signs of sun damage on face, neck, & décolleté.

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UV exposure from the sun is responsible for up khổng lồ 80% of the visible signs of aging including uneven pigmentation và changes in skin firmness & texture. The time you spend on protecting & boosting skin"s appearance now will pay off later. & while the sun is not as strong during fall you can still accumulate a lot of additional sun damage on skin during this time of year, so make sure khổng lồ keep up with smart, natural sun protection. The cool temperatures make it deceptively easy to lớn stay out all day.

Fall can also mean big shifts in humidity levels, và cooling air can drastically affect your sebum production. A dry, sandpapery, sallow complexion is a sign of the shock of the change of seasons on your skin.

Exfoliation seems like a good way khổng lồ get rid of roughness, right? But your skin seems lớn go straight back to bumpy afterward. A thick, rich moisturizer is the obvious go-to for moisturizing dry skin. Only it may cause your skin lớn become ultra oily or broken out this time of year. Instead you need high performance, hydrating, super supportive products that will help skin adapt.

Who knew a season as fair as autumn could induce such upheaval in skin? Your complexion may be misbehaving right now, but a few simple natural beauty tips will improve your appearance faster than you can say pumpkin spice.

Ingredients That Brighten Skin Naturally and Visibly Improve Sun Damaged Skin

The following ingredients have undergone scientific study và show proven results in improving the look of sun damaged skin. Find out how they help lớn brighten skin naturally without harsh side effects or health risks.

Vitamin C – You’ve probably seen vi-ta-min C touted as a natural skin brightener but this vitamin in its natural size is unstable when added khổng lồ water-based products, which means the benefits are significantly diminished. Stabilized forms of vi-ta-min C (including Aminopropyl Ascorbyl Phosphate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, và Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) provide results for those looking to brighten & lighten the skin’s appearance. For instance, Aminopropyl Ascorbyl Phosphate is a bioavailable vitamin C compound that provides a time-release effect once it’s applied, with enzymes in the skin deconstructing the molecule as they are able to use it. This khung of vi-ta-min C can be used at low levels while still providing excellent results, making it a suitable ingredient for use in products designed for the delicate eye area. The pure khung of vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid, can be used in dry, water-free products with no risk of degradation. Just hydrate it right when you are ready to use it because it will thua efficacy quickly at room temperature.

Niacinamide – A biologically active khung of niacin (Vitamin B3), niacinamide is naturally found in many root vegetables và yeasts. This ingredient produces enzymatic reactions at the cellular màn chơi that researchers believe inhibit the melanin transfer process that leads lớn skin discoloration. Studies show topically applied niacinamide visibly reduces hyperpigmentation and skin coloration, improving the appearance of discolored or sallow skin.

Polyphenols – This class of antioxidant plant compounds, found in grape seeds & pomegranates, have been shown to inhibit skin discoloration. Ellagic Acid is a particularly promising phenol found in many fruits and vegetables, and a 2013 study by the Journal of Dermatology linked it to lớn an increased appearance of even skin tone, decreased discoloration, và overall improvement in hyperpigmentation. One of the common sources of Ellagic acid is pomegranate fruit extract.

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Licorice extract – Extracted from the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant, licorice is often found in products formulated for discolored skin. Glabridin, the active compound in licorice extract, has been found to inhibit UVB-induced hyperpigmentation và protect against the appearance of further sun damage. This ingredient is gentle on skin, making it a suitable choice for those with sensitive skin. It also has a balancing sensation which benefits oily skin types.

Ginseng extract – Ginseng has long been used in traditional medicine, thought lớn reduce and treat certain diseases, and is used today lớn improve feelings of environmental stress, lowered immunity, and hormonal imbalance. Turns out it has benefits when applied topically too. Research shows a wound healing effect when using ginseng extract. It’s also been found to prevent UVB-induced skin aging, including thickening of the skin, reduction in elasticity, & wrinkle formation.

How to Brighten Skin Naturally (And Banish Post-Summer Skin Blues)


It’s important to remember that stressed skin is unhappy skin when you"re looking lớn address post summer sun damage on skin. The best place lớn start is with natural ingredients that lend a soothing và balancing feel, while boosting a look of healthy radiance. Now is not the time for a peel, despite what some sources may say. Peels can actually increase the chance of long term hyperpigmentation in many skin types because it just damages the skin further. Instead go gentle & give skin lots of support.

Deep cleansing treatment for sun damaged skin

When cleansing post-summer skin, it’s best lớn use gentle ingredients that offer a soothing and moisturizing feel. Try Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser along with Glow - Good Earth Exfoliant Powder. Fresh makes skin feel ultimately rejuvenated, toned, and moisturized, & Glow mixes into our liquid cleansers beautifully lớn pump up the brightening & skin supportive effect. To lớn use, combine ½ teaspoon of Glow with several pumps of Fresh in the palm of your hand và massage into skin for 3-5 minutes. The gentle exfoliation of Glow is balanced by the soothing herbs it contains, meaning you"ll be in better shape after instead of just irritating skin more.

Toner will ease the transition to lớn naturally brighter skin

Hydration is one of the biggest keys to happy skin during any season. Toner used to lớn be astringent, but not anymore. Now toners can be your all-day easy way to lớn spritz skin back to happy. Don"t hesitate khổng lồ keep a toner within reach so you can boost skin anytime it starts to lớn feel tight or uncomfortable. The extra support will go a long way. Try Adapt Bio Balance Tonique for an infusion of adaptogenic herbs like green tea, rhodiola, and eleuthero root. It"s stimulating và soothing all at the same time. Because it"s water based you don"t have to lớn worry about weighing skin down, & it will help the appearance of breakouts too.

Masks help with sun damage on your face

Since it"s getting dark sooner you can turn that extra indoor time into the ideal time to indulge in a healthy face mask. The longer a mask product remains on the skin, the more time skin has to lớn deeply absorb moisturizing và active ingredients. Light a few candles and treat skin lớn a serious soak in herbs that will bring skin back khổng lồ balance. Refine – Clay Renewal Treatment is great for providing a detoxifying, exfoliating, and brightening appearance, while Lavish – Loving Recovery Beta-glucan Mask infuses deep nourishment and hydration but with a breathable finish that won"t spur breakouts. Use both for alternating weeks lớn get skin back to lớn its happy place in a hurry.


Moisturizers and serums that brighten skin naturally

Vary the sản phẩm you use to lớn fit the weather khổng lồ avoid feeling dry or oily. Flexibility is key as temperatures can swing wildly. Aura - Phyto Brightening Serum with pomegranate extract và stabilized vi-ta-min C is a lightweight beauty that works khổng lồ boost the appearance of sun damaged skin và will pair perfectly with those warm fall days famous for that golden sunlight. The potent synergy of herbs including gentian root, uva ursi (bearberry leaf), rooibos tea, và licorice root soothe skin và create a visibly brighter appearance. This serum is super rich in protective antioxidants as well and has a breathable consistency that is right for almost any skin type. Lift - Intelligent Energy Crème makes a great finishing moisturizer for your post-summer skincare regimen with polyphenols, licorice, and niacinamide to lớn visibly brighten & tone. On warmer days the serum alone may be enough, but on cooler days use Lift lượt thích a cozy sweater lớn protect skin against dryness.

We had OrganicallyBecca try our suggestions for post-summer sun damage on skin và she had great things khổng lồ say about the results.