Top 10 tips to improve your child's skin complexion

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Q: My daughter is three years old. She has a dull white patch on her face. It started after her skin became dry in the winter. What should I bởi vì for this patch lớn disappear? Is there any ointment that I can apply?

Priyanka (Mumbai, India)

A: white patches in children are mainly due lớn dry skin & sun exposure. Use a glycerine based soap like Pears & some good moisturizer or coconut oil after bathing her.

Q: How can I maintain the skin and hair of my six year old daughter?

Payal (London, U.K)

A: Oil her hair regularly once a week. Give her a nice head mas sa with warm oil. As for her skin, apply a mixture of besan và haldi once a week, & when it dries, scrub off.

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Q: My 3 year old daughter was fair when she was born, but has become dark. Her face is still somewhat fair but the rest of her body is dark. How can I make her fair?

Sonam (Delhi, India)

A: You could try applying a mixture of equal amounts of lemon & honey. Leave it on for 10 minutes và wash off. Cucumber juice is also good for the skin. However, I would advise you to lớn let her be. She is too young, và you should not be worrying about fairness. While our generation is still slightly partial lớn fair skin, things are definitely changing, và by the time your daughter grows up fair skin would no longer be considered a sign of beauty. Most models are dark complexioned. Don"t worry about it.

Q: I have a 4 year old daughter. How should I improve her complexion? How can I get rid of her body toàn thân hair? I give her a lot of juices và vegetable soups.

Anjali (Dehradun, India)

A: 1. Give her plenty of fruits to eat, và avoid getting her addicted to chips, soft drinks và other junk food. Once in a while is fine, but don"t let it become a habit. Apply curds to her face. 2. Apply a besan haldi paste, và scrub it off after it dries và thickens. This would gradually reduce her hair over a period of time. 3. Oil her hair once a week, & give her a mas sa for around 10 minutes before washing off. Apply egg to lớn her hair as well. If you are non-veg, give her plenty of fish to eat. A diet rich in fish and coconut would be excellent for hair. 4. Give her a body toàn thân massage with any oil, once a week. Leave on the oil for at least 15 minutes, so it gets soaked in properly, after which she can go in for a bath. 5. Juice/soup - all this is excellent for her, so continue giving it to lớn her.