Transino white c clear whitening supplement 240 tablets


Simple skin care at home with 10 natural whitening treatments is extremely good for the body. Knock out all skin worries, join Jojo spa làm đẹp to discover the use of these amazing items.

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1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a rich component in sour fruits. This vi-ta-min is very good for the body. In addition to supporting the function of excreting toxins, vitamin C also has the ability lớn whiten the skin. Using orange juice & unsymed fresh milk for bathing is one of the treatments for skin whitening khổng lồ help skin turn on toned quickly.


Vitamin C is abundant in lemons, oranges... Citrus fruits

2.Rice water

Rice contains many healthy nutrients. Rice starch has anti-darkening function, acne treatment is very good. After washing the rice, store the rice water in a clean cup & let it settle for a few hours. Then carefully separate the white water above, using the rice starch settled underneath to wash your face. Every day will quickly get results.


Rice starch helps whiten skin effectively

3. Fresh milk

There is nothing to argue about because of the wonderful uses of fresh milk. Washing your face with fresh milk every day will help the skin become smooth, the layers of acne also quickly disappear. Fresh milk is also one of the natural ingredients preferred in skin whitening therapy.


Fresh milk and great use in skin whitening therapy

4. Green tea

Numerous scientific studies show that green tea contains antioxidants. Use green tea to lớn wash your face, bathe regularly lớn help your skin eliminate toxins, reduce the aging process and your body will always be fresh.


Green tea is beneficial in antioxidant, regenerated and firming the skin


In the past, many people used cucumber as a magical medicine. Thinly sliced cucumber applied to lớn the face helps prevent acne, reduce darkening and provide moisture to lớn the skin. After applying cucumber, you will see the skin full of vitality.

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One of the easiest simple ingredients lớn make for skin care


It sounds a little scary because honey has a very sweet taste. However, this is one thing exactly, using pure honey và natural mask ingredients will help skin lighten và smoother.


Pure honey is very beneficial for health & skin care

7.Olive oil

Olive oil has long been the main raw material in cosmetics & pharmaceuticals. The use of olive oil in skin care is not lớn mention all. Using olive oil in combination with natural ingredients helps khổng lồ improve & rejuvenate the skin very well for the process of whitening.


Olive oil is used a lot in the production of cosmetics


Chicken eggs are rich in minerals, vitamins B2, B6,.. Is very good raw material in trắng skin therapy. Separate the egg whites in a bowl, beat well và use a cốt tông swab khổng lồ gently apply to the skin, after drying rinse with clean water. Taken regularly for several weeks you will see the skin glowing.


Natural ingredients right in your fridge

9.Aloe vera

This is one of the natural ingredients that can not be mentioned. Aloe vera is known khổng lồ be a cool medicine, which helps to lớn cool the toàn thân down. Freshly washed aloe vera used lớn cover the face khổng lồ help the skin soothe, the red bumps are completely reduced. In addition, aloe vera is also a very good liver antid. Drinking aloe vera juice every day helps your body stay healthy.


The ingredients have a good effect on acne skin

10. Sugar-free yogurt

Sugar-free yogurt is a close companion of many natural skincare masks. Yogurt contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, reducing redness caused by acne. In addition, yogurt can control the amount of oil on the surface of hair follicles, effectively preventing acne. Applying a yogurt mask soothes acne pains, removes bruises and treats skin whitening effectively.


Apply a mask regularly lớn nourish smooth trắng skin

If you don"t have time to bởi it at home, Jojo spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp has natural whitening treatments for you. Daily skin care will help the skin become much fresher và smoother.