Benefits of milk for skin and how to use for a glowing face


Milk is an essential part of our daily diet and it has amazing benefits not only for your health, but for your skin too. No wonder, the royals from ancient times used khổng lồ take bath in raw milk for beautiful skin. We vì know that milk is rich in calcium và minerals & makes our bones strong, but the nutrient profile along with significant lactic acid content exfoliates, brightens, and adds a radiant glow to all skin types, và the benefits multiply when you use it raw on the skin. Check out 15 Ways to Use Raw Milk on Face For Glowing Skin.

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1. Applying raw milk mixed with rose water will give a nice glow lớn your skin.

2. Take one whole nutmeg with skin removed, 1 tbsp of milk, and 1 strand of saffron. Pour a little milk onto a stone grinder and place the saffron strand on it. Grind the saffron strand using the nutmeg itself. Apply a little pressure và move the nutmeg round in circles. If the mixture starts lớn feel dry, add in a little milk again. Keep grinding the nutmeg with milk until a desired quantity is achieved. Remove the paste into a bowl and apply it on the face and neck. Leave it on lớn dry. Minimum time is at least 30 minutes to lớn get a good effect. You can also leave it overnight lớn get best results. Here’s the complete recipe to make this anti-acne face pack at home.

3. This is a brightening homemade face pack using đen onion seeds aka kalonji. This face pack brightens up the skin và also removes tan. Here’s the detailed recipe with step-by-step pics lớn make this face pack.

4. Make a paste from petals of two whole roses và soak them in milk for 30 minutes. Apply this paste on the skin, keep for 20 minutes, & rinse off with normal water.

5. A mixture of milk và salt applied as a spot treatment will keep your skin acne and blemish free.

6. Soak some saffron strands in milk overnight and apply it with a cotton pad all over the face. Leave it for some time và wash it once dry. This pack will remove tan, dullness, & help fade away scars & blemishes too.

7. Make a paste of ½ tbsp. Of black sesame seeds và mustard seeds & mix it in milk. Apply this paste on pimples and your pimples will fade away in just 2-3 days

8. Make a paste of lemon juice, potato juice, wheat bran và milk. Use this as “ubtan” on your face. With regular usage, acne & other skincare woes can be prevented.

9. Make ubtan made out of almond powder, besan (gram flour), carrot juice and milk. Apply on the face & neck area for 15 minutes và buff away in a circular motion while removing. You would notice fresh, smooth, & soft skin after just one use.

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10. Apply milk & turmeric paste continuously for two weeks everyday khổng lồ get that amazing glow on your face.

11. Soak a handful of cashew nuts in milk overnight & grind them into a fine paste. Now địa chỉ cửa hàng Fuller’s earth and lemon juice to lớn this paste. This pack can be used both on dry & oily skin to lớn make it glow and healthy.

12. Make an effective scrub by mixing 1 tbsp of raw milk, 1 tbsp of besan, 1 tbsp honey, and contents from 1 green tea bag. Empty the nội dung of a used Green Tea Bag in a bowl & mix other ingredients. Apply on the face và neck area. It will exfoliate dry skin, brighten skin tone, and remove blackheads and whiteheads as well.

13. For extremely dry skin, make a pack with equal quantities of almond powder, milk, honey & glycerin. This pack will not only hydrate your skin but also prevents it from the harmful effects of pollution. It works as a great anti-ageing pack.

14. Phối equal amounts of almond powder & besan. Now showroom milk lớn it and apply on your face. This will help reduce inflammation & improves texture of skin.

15. Now, this face pack would look good lớn eat! phối 1 tbsp of cocoa powder & coffee powder with 2-3 tbsp of raw milk. This pack is rich in anti-oxidants & also acts as a scrub và immediately showroom a glow lớn the skin.

With these face packs, say hi to lớn glowing & clear skin.

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15 Ways to Use Raw Milk on Face For Glowing Skin

> Milk is an essential part of our daily diet & it has amazing benefits not only for your health, but for your skin too. No wonder, the royals from ancient times used khổng lồ take bath in raw milk for beautiful skin. We vày know that milk is rich in calcium và minerals và makes our <…>

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