Unveil 10 natural ingredients to help white skin glow smoothly


Here is a small secret helping women have a smooth and brightening skin in order to lớn be more confident và charming every day.

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Perhaps, it is less hot in this summer, because there are some rainy days alternating between sunny days to lớn ease the feeling of burning. But women do not forget khổng lồ keep the skin in such “dangerous” days. For example, try to lớn avoid going out at time when sunshine is the most intense (from 9 am lớn 3 pm); if you must go out, “camouflage” thoroughly with sunscreen coat, masks and sunglasses to lớn ensure health và protect skin. In addition, regularly drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day và cleaning your face after coming back are very necessary. These basic things help a lot in protecting the skin during the summer.


Brighten Skin With Red Beans

In the summer, skin usually tends lớn get darker, but you will not have to be worried about that this year. It thanks to ​​experience of my cousin who has been in Japan. She has given a simple và inexpensive method to brighten skin with red beans. The effect can be seen if the method is applied consistently. That’s the reason why today we nội dung this secret khổng lồ you.

There are protein, potassium & iron in red beans which help skin more firm, naturally white, và especially strong but not pale like using other whitening lotion. If you use them regularly, your skin will not be afraid of being chloasma when exposed lớn sunlight.

Materials are quite simple; about 2 kg red beans flour can be used within 3 weeks. Khổng lồ keep bean flour long, you should clean beans, dry them, & then grind into flour. Bean flour can be preserved in quite long time. If anyone likes this way, they can buy much and storage to use conveniently.

Some ways khổng lồ cover face and body with red beans:

Mask covering

Making mask with red bean flour is quite simple. Just take sufficient bean flour, mix well with water or fresh milk without sugar to khung plastic mixture. Rub this mixture on your cleaned face, wait for about 15 minutes, & utilize this time lớn relax by listening lớn some favorite instrumental tunes. Meanwhile, entire body toàn thân and face are relaxed; it is very good for absorbing nutrients. Finally, wash with warm water to clean your face.

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For women who ​​own acne skin, using red beans with eggs to treat acnes is also very good. After mixing red bean flour with egg khổng lồ create a consistency mixture as cream, rub the mixture on your face, or just areas having acnes. Keep it about trăng tròn minutes, or whenever feeling mask has almost dried, rinse with warm water. After 2 – 3 weeks making mask regularly, the skin will less acnes & bruises also faded away.


For women who ​​own acne skin, using red beans with eggs khổng lồ treat acnes is also very good.

Whole body whitening

Having a shower & massaging the whole body with red bean flour are very effective on bringing up & brightening the skin. The process is very simple; you can set sufficient flour with water or fresh milk to generate cream. After having a shower, rub the mixture on whole body toàn thân while massaging body. Keep it in about 15 minutes in order that skin can absorb nutrients, then shower with clean water. Try having a shower with red bean cream 3 times a week.


Having a shower và massaging the whole body with red bean flour are very effective on bringing up and brightening the skin.

Because of using natural materials, women will not see skin brightening immediately but through a process. After about 3 weeks using this method frequently, skin gradually becomes ruddiness, health, smoothing và full of vitality. Another good point is that caring skin with red bean flour eliminates the risk of sun-burn fast as using chemical bath, so you can wear comfortably when going out without being afraid of getting dark skin again.

Not only whiten skin, massaging whole body also helps you feel more relaxed after a long tiring day. In addition, with frequency of 3 times a week, simple preparation and implementation, we think you are able lớn spend a little time about 15-20 minutes – beautifying yourself in the kết thúc of every day.