Vietnamese sesame rice donuts


Call me childish, but I’m a little more excited about this Christmas season because I took a calligraphy workshop last month. For the first time in my life, I can make pretty Christmas cards by myself. That really means a lot khổng lồ me as I always find it so rewarding to lớn hand make something from scratch for my loved ones. For almost two weeks now, I wake up really early, make myself some tea, put a candle under some essential oil, and practice drawing và writing. My dining table is piled up with papers, water colors and ink. It’s messy, but I think it’s a joyful, festive looking mess. (I think my husband thinks so too.)

Christmas this year is my first one in a land of perpetual summer. Seeing a Christmas tree surrounded with people in shorts, sun dresses và flip flops is a huge change from snowy thành phố new york and chilly Hanoi. But it feels just as exciting! Because of the warm weather, I substitute lemongrass for cinnamon. Lemongrass ginger tea replaces cinnamon hot chocolate; lemongrass scented candles instead of vanilla cinnamon ones.

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Last week I made my childhood favorite snack: sesame rice donuts, which brought me back to lớn my middle school days. Then, there used to be a woman frying & selling these on the sidewalk on my way from home to school. My best friend & I would walk to lớn school, and every time we passed by, the donuts smelled so good we had lớn stop và pick up some, sometimes too many. The same thing happened on our way back. And so we ate these donuts twice a day, before and after school, almost every day for years. I was a little chubby & my friend was skinny and she could eat more donuts than I did. I remember feeling pretty jealous about that.

These donuts are simple lớn make, và the way you cook the beans and make the dough is actually very similar to how I make Vietnamese mochi in sweet ginger. The combination of an extremely fresh & crispy outer shell, imbued with roasted sesame seeds, & the earthy sweetness of mung bean paste on the inside creates a dessert designed to lớn get any Asian mouth (and those who love Asian food) drooling with anticipation!

This dessert is emblematic of Asian desserts in general in that it is much less sugary than most Western desserts, và in the fact that it incorporates bean paste as the main filling. Although this is a bit different from the Western palate, my American husband assures me that this is an instantly delicious and enjoyable dessert for a Westerner lớn try.

If you’l like to experience a truly Vietnamese dessert which is naturally gluten free, vegan, low(er) sugar và high in phytonutrients, this is a great place khổng lồ start! These are best eaten still warm after cooking, like almost all Vietnamese food. Hey, we’re a country where many people don’t have refrigerators so we lượt thích our food extremely fresh!

Watch the clip below to lớn see how lớn make them for yourself. Chúc ngon miệng!



The dough:– Glutinous rice flour: 350 grams– Rice flour: 50 grams– Water: 250 ml– Sugar: 50 grams– A pinch of salt

Mix well until combined và non-sticky. (You might want to add a little bit more glutinous rice flour or water)Let the dough sit for 30 minutes.

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The filling:– Mung beans: 150 grams (could be replaced by red or black beans)– Water: 200 ml– Sugar: 100 grams– A pinch of salt

Soak beans in water for 1 hour.Strain and add beans to lớn a sauce pan.Add water, salt, và cook over low heat until soft (about 30 minutes depending on how thick the pan is)Turn up heat to lớn medium, địa chỉ sugar và stir until the beans become a paste.Let cook & round the beans into balls.

Wraping the donuts:1. Divide the dough into balls that are double the kích thước of the bean balls.2. Flatten a rice ball, place beans in the middle, then wrap the dough around the bean ball. Make sure it’s completely sealed with no beans showing through.3. Dip the donut into a bowl of roasted sesame seeds until fully covered. I highly recommend watching the video clip to see how I vị this step.

Frying the donuts:1. địa chỉ vegetable oil khổng lồ a sauce pan. The oil should reach about 5 cm. Cook oil over medium heat until it reaches 200 ° C. You can demo by dipping a chopstick or a fork into the oil. If the oil drizzles, it’s good to fry.2. Reduce heat to low. This step is very important because higher heat makes the oil splash, which is very dangerous.3. Showroom donuts and fry until they are golden.4. Remove from heat & place on paper napkins to absorb oil.

Chúc ngon miệng!

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