5 ways to deal with your overheating laptop


 If you’ve been using your máy tính for a while, you might have noticed instances of slowdown or random blue screens, or rebooting. This can be caused by a number of problems, but it can very likely be a case of your máy vi tính overheating. As laptops have gotten portable, more compact và slimmer, components are now closely fitted into small chassis. This means little space for airflow. A máy vi tính that doesn’t see maintenance & clean-ups often is going lớn overheat. If left ignored, it can even lead to hardware failure. We’ve put together some simple ways lớn prevent your laptop from overheating.

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Always use your máy tính xách tay on flat surfaces


Most of the laptops have air vents at the bottom or on the sides. Placing your máy vi tính on a flat or uneven surface like a pillow, bed or on your lap for a long time blocks the air flow, causing it khổng lồ overheat. You might notice your máy tính xách tay heating up when you use it like this. To prevent this from happening, ideally raise the máy vi tính using a book or a plate, lớn make sure none of the vents are blocked. In fact, consider purchasing a laptop stand or lap holder lớn elevate your laptop.

Invest in a laptop cooling pad


If you have an air-conditioned room, preferably use the máy tính xách tay in there. If the room is not air conditioned, make use of a ceiling or table fan hâm mộ along with a máy tính cooling pad. Laptop cooling pads have fans in them which help flow cool air keeping your máy vi tính cool all time. It also helps raise your laptop. The máy tính cooler will help cool the máy vi tính from the bottom, reducing the temperature of the components. It’s a temporary fix khổng lồ the problem, but there’s more that ought to be done.

Clean the vents regularly


If you’ve used your laptop for a while, you’ll know that there’s a lot of dust collected around the vents and fans. This reduces the cooling và restricts air flow. Besides using a máy tính cooler, clean out the dust using an air blower or a vacuum cleaner. Blow air slowly through the cooling vents on the sides or the back of the laptop. If possible, take the máy tính to a service center và ask for a maintenance run khổng lồ be done. Not only will your máy tính run cooler, you might find it running a little faster.

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Monitor your laptop’s temperature


There are several temperature monitoring programs such as Real Temp, GPU-Z, Speccy, HWMonitor & Core Temp. They’re all miễn phí and can be used to keep track your laptop’s temperature. Ensure that your laptop’s processor temperature is at maximum, around the 65C mark & that your GPU operates at under 80C. These can be considered lớn be safe temperatures for these components.

Other performance tweaks to reduce temperatures


Some of the ways of cooling down your máy tính can be done by just tweaking some of the performance settings on your laptop. One of the ways is to lớn reduce the performance of the processor. We’re hardly ever using all of the processor’s performance on our laptops. When we’re just browsing, chatting or listening to lớn music, the processor can be made to run at a slower speed. This can be done by going lớn the nguồn Options, under the Windows Control Panel. Click on the nguồn Saver mode or go to the Advanced Settings under one of the existing nguồn plans. Go lớn Processor nguồn management setting & set a value that’s ideal for your processor requirements. Even a đôi mươi – 30 per cent reduction in performance can reduce the heating drastically.

Similar settings may be available for the graphics solution, depending on what hardware you’re running on your laptop. Some graphics cards can be entirely turned off when not being used. These were just some of the ways to reduce the temperature of your laptop. If you have more tips and suggestions, drop us a line in the comments section below or post a comment on our Facebook page.