Sesame Thai Fishcakes Recipe

These bầu fishcakes with a sesame crust are a fantastic twist on a family favourite! They take hardly any prep & are a real crowd pleaser with their fragrant flavour.

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Preparation Time10 mins
Cooking Time35 mins plus chilling
Total Time45 mins plus chilling

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These thai fishcakes with a sesame seed crust are a brilliant twist on a family favourite. Our thai fishcakes use Pollock, which is a more sustainable choice, but if you had cod or haddock in you the fridge or freezer you could use that instead. We recommend serving the bầu fishcakes with an Asian-style salad, they make a delicious starter và would also be great as part of a buổi tiệc ngọt food spread. Why not plan a complete Thai-inspired feast?


500g frozen pollock fillets, defrosted & chopped1 lemongrass stick, finely chopped, or finely grated zest of 1 lemon2 garlic cloves, crushedFinely grated zest of 1 lime1 red chilli, deseeded and chopped2.5cm root ginger, finely grated2tbsp light soy sauce

To coat:

1 egg white, lightly beaten5tbsp plain flour100g sesame seeds

You will also need:

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Tip the pollock on to lớn a tray lined with kitchen paper. Cover it with kitchen paper & pat lớn remove excess moisture.Tip the fish into a food processor, địa chỉ the lemongrass or lemon zest, garlic, lime zest, chilli, ginger and soy sauce. Blitz khổng lồ blend the fish to lớn make a smooth consistency.Line another tray with baking parchment, take 18tbsp of the mixture & shape into balls. Flatten slightly to lớn make mini fishcakes.Put the egg white into a small, shallow dish & scatter the flour & sesame seeds on to a tray.Dip the fishcakes into the egg white, then the flour and sesame seeds, turning khổng lồ cover. Chill for trăng tròn mins or longer.Heat the oil in a deep-fat fryer to 180°C. Fry 6 fishcakes at a time for about 6 mins, until they’re golden & cooked through. Keep warm in a low oven until needed. Alternatively, cool, chill & reheat them khổng lồ serve in an oven at 200°C or Gas Mark 6 for 15 mins. Serve with sweet chilli sauce và an Asian-style salad.
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