Homemade whipped cream recipe


Learn how khổng lồ make Homemade Whipped Cream with only 2 ingredients! The recipe is for a stabilized whipped cream without gelatin. It can be used as regular whipped cream and also as a frosting!


Easy 2 Ingredient Homemade Whipped Cream

One of the things I make most is whipped cream. This recipe makes a nice và thick whipped cream which is perfect for piping & decorating cakes & cupcakes. I also love khổng lồ use it for pies và no-bake desserts. Best of all, this recipe is made without gelatin và you can also use this recipe lớn replace Cool Whip in just about any dessert.

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You only need 2 ingredients to make a perfect whipped cream frosting! Heavy whipping cream và powdered sugar. You also have the option of adding an extract such as vanilla, lemon or mint.

Homemade Whipped cream can be intimidating because if not made correctly, it wilts or melts all over the place & makes a huge mess, or even worse, it ruins a beautiful dessert. But I am here to teach you all my tips so you can be successful in the kitchen.


What’s the Difference Between Whipped Cream và Whipped Cream Frosting?

They are actually the same thing when you use a stabilizer. You can make whipped cream simply by beating heavy whipping cream until it forms stiff peaks, but unless you showroom a stabilizer it won’t hold its shape for long.

When you showroom a stabilizer – such as gelatin or powdered sugar (more on that below) – you make a whipped cream that will hold those beautiful peaks & that also has more uses. So instead of just using it in coffee or on top of your pancakes, stabilized homemade whipped cream can also be used as an easy frosting on cakes, cupcakes và more!


3 Tips for the best whipped cream frosting

The key to a successful whipped cream involves a few simple steps.

Start with cold ingredients và utensils

To make a nice, thick frosting, I recommend placing the mixing bowl and your whisk in the freezer for 10 minutes so it’s nice & chilled. It will help keep the cream nice & cold while it’s whipping.

You need a thickening agent

The most important part of making a whipped cream that can be piped it lớn is add something to make it stiff. My favorite thicker is powdered sugar, which also makes the frosting a bit sweeter.If you prefer a less sweet option, you can use corn starch, or a combination of corn starch & powdered sugar. I prefer not khổng lồ use gelatin myself, but this is an option too.

Beating the cream at high speeds

Start at a medium-high, which is speed 6-7 on my stand mixer, và whip the cream until it reach soft peaks và it starts khổng lồ thicken. Then add the powdered sugar slowly while reducing the mixing speed. Once the powdered sugar is incorporated, increase lớn the highest speed & beat until stiff peaks form.

Ways to lớn Use this Recipe

Now that you’ve made this perfect bowl of whipped cream, what do you vì chưng with it? Here are a few ideas to get your creating juices flowing!

If You Use it as a Whipped Cream

Coffee & Hot Chocolate – địa chỉ a dollop lớn your cup of coffee or hot chocolate for some simple indulgence.

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Pancakes, French Toast và Waffles – Use it to top breakfast!Dip, Fruit Salad and Trifles – Whipped cream và fresh fruit is a classic combo. Dip fresh strawberries into your homemade whipped cream or địa chỉ it lớn fruit salad and trifles!Pies & Crisps – Serve it on vị trí cao nhất of pies và crisps in lieu of (or in addition to) ice cream.

If You’re Using it as a Whipped Cream Frosting

When using stabilized whipped cream as a frosting, the possibilities are truly endless! You can pipe it onto cupcakes và cakes, or use it as a filling between layer cakes. I have even used it for ice cream cake!

Here are some easy recipes that use whipped cream frosting to lớn get you started:

Adding Flavors

Another fun way lớn use homemade whipped cream is to showroom flavors lớn it! (Or color, which you can easily bởi vì with a few drops of food coloring.) Most recipes hotline for vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste. This is all well và good but consider substituting things lượt thích almond, mint or peppermint extract, lemon or lime zest, lemon extract, maple syrup, cinnamon or nutmeg. I have also been known to địa chỉ some Bailey’s Irish Cream or bourbon to my whipped cream. Get creative!

I have several different recipes for flavored whipped cream on this site. Here are some of them!


How khổng lồ replace Cool Whip with homemade whipped cream

One tub of Cool Whip is 8 ounces (226g) or about 2 1/2 cups. When making homemade whipped cream to lớn replace Cool Whip in a recipe, I recommend using 1 cup (237 ml) heavy whipping cream plus ½ cup (65 g) powdered sugar.

Frequently asked questions

Can I make whipped cream without a stand mixer?

Yes, you will notice that a majority of my recipe videos show me preparing whipped cream using a hand mixer. I find the hand mixer cannot achieve the same stiff peaks as a stand mixer, however it still does the job.

If you’re using a hand mixer, I suggest using your spatula to turn the whipped cream from the bottom lớn the top & continue mixing to lớn ensure it’s evenly mixed. I’ve also heard whipped cream can be made in a regular or immersion blender, but I have never tried it myself.

Are whipping cream and heavy cream the same?

The main difference is the fat content. Whipping cream has a slightly lower fat content. All my recipes use heavy whipping cream which contains a higher fat nội dung and therefore will hold a better shape và produce a thicker whipped cream frosting. Technically you can use either one, but I recommend heavy whipping cream if it’s available.

Can I make this ahead of time?

I do not recommend leaving the prepared whipped cream in a bowl for an extended period of time (any longer than 30 minutes). It also must stay cold, so do not leave it out on the counter.

For the very best results, make the whipped cream prior to serving and immediately địa chỉ cửa hàng it khổng lồ your dessert. Once it’s been piped, it’s much more stable than just sitting in the bowl. So, you can store your desserts after you’ve frosted them. It also freezes well once it’s been piped, so you can showroom this lớn your frozen desserts.


How khổng lồ scale this recipe

I never use less than ¾ cup (177 ml) of heavy whipping cream or more than 1 ¾ cups (414 ml) of heavy whipping cream at one time. This is because I find it can be more difficult for the whipped cream to khung properly when using less or more than these amounts.

Below is a table of helpful measurements that will ensure a nice, stiff whipped cream. This is a general guide.

To make 2 cups prepared: ¾ cup (177 ml) heavy whipping cream plus 1/4 cup (33 g) powdered sugarTo make 2 50% cups prepared: 1 cup (237 ml) heavy whipping cream plus ½ cup (65 g) powdered sugarTo make 3 cups prepared: 1 ½ cups (355 ml) heavy whipping cream plus ¾ cup (98 g) powdered sugarTo make 4 cups prepared: 1 ¾ cups (414 ml) heavy whipping cream plus 1 cup (130 g) powdered sugar

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