Vegetarian fresh mushroom 'nem' in roast rice flour


With Food stylist Hoàng Long

Vegetarian fresh mushroom "nem" in roast rice flour

Vegetarian "nem chạo", roast-ground rice coated mix

Food stylist Hoàng Long from concoctedthis recipe to make a vegetarian version of the original pork-based dish. The fried spring rolls, known as nem, are tp sài thành style as they arefried. Traditionally, it"s a mix of boiled pork (lard, ears, or skin), marinated và covered with golden brown roast rice flour, then squeezed into balls called nem.

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This dish is popular for men"s drinking parties. Now it"s popular among everyone, especially office workersas a snack.

This vegetarian variety can replace the protein intake and still maintain the chewy yet buttery flavour of the dish.

Time: 15-20 minutes

Serves: 2

- Chicken leg mushrooms: 500g

- Roast rice flour: 150g

- Regular, non-sticky rice: 70g

- Glutinous rice:30g

- Lime leaves: 20g

- Fresh red chilli: 1

- Garlic powder:5g or fresh crushed garlic

- Vegetarian oil: 1/2 tsp

- Seasoning

Golden brown roast, ground rice: You can double or triple this recipe, make it in advance and store it in the fridge. The flour can be mixed into meat orsalad dishes, enhancing the flavour và saving you much time.

- In two separate bowls, wash the ordinary rice & glutinous rice, then rinse & soak them for 1-2 hours, drain the rice.

- Let them dry completely so that when you roast them, it will take you less time.

- In a hot frying pan on medium heat, địa chỉ cửa hàng the regular rice, stir well in circlesfor 5 minutes, lower the heat, keep stirring for about 15 more minutesuntil the rice grains become golden brown & fragrant, và remove from the heat. Then vị the same with the glutinous rice.

- Grind both types of roast rice in a dry blender lớn get a mixture of golden brown rice flourready to lớn mix with other ingredients.

- The roast rice floursmells so good. If you don"t want to vì it yourself, ask for thính gạo at any pork paste & sausage stall.It"s also used to lớn make baitfor people who lượt thích fishing. The Vietnamese term "thả thính" or releasing bait, means you"re trying to get people to lớn fall intoyour love trap.

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But there"s no hook at all to lớn this simple and very delicious dish.

Food stylist Hoàng Long


- Wash the mushrooms, let dry;Use a sharp knife lớn cut into slices.

- Soak the sliced mushroom in boiling water for a few minutes, then rinse & squeeze out any excess water.

- On a pan, heathalf a teaspoon of oilthen stir-fry the mushrooms.

- showroom soysauce, oyster sauce, và seasoning;mix well and keep stirring until all is well cooked. Remove from heat.

- Let it cool,andjulienne the lime leaves và chilli.The lime leaves must be cut very fine, like threads. It"s not easy khổng lồ finely juliennethe lime leaves the first time, but if you bởi vì it several times, you"ll master theskill, which is very useful in Vietnamese cooking.

- In a mixing bowl, địa chỉ cửa hàng the cooled mushrooms, set well with the garlic powder and roast rice flour.

- Sprinkle the lime-leaf threads & chili on top, andmix well.

- You should end up witha dish of mushroom salad that looks brownish, well marinatedand smells delicious.


This dish can be dipped inchilli sauce, wrapped in fig,mint và panax ginseng leaves, and then in asour-sweet fish sauce.

This is a great taste changer in a meal, suitable for both vegans and non-vegans, & can be consumed as a healthy, tasty snack for anyone. VNS