Easy meat free vegan sausages


Sounds impossible, but this doesn’t mean it is! Try my recipe for vegan sausages & treat yourself with some incredibly delicious vegan sausages that have the same texture as the traditional dish!

As I’m sure you know, sausages are a staple in a lot of countries especially when it comes to holiday seasons. They come in such a wide variety that it’s hard to keep track of, but we can mainly say that they divide into dry sausages and fresh sausages (which must be cooked before consumption).

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Drying is a method of preservation, so dry sausages developed mostly in warm areas. Likewise, fresh & cooked sausages come from northern countries with much colder weather.


Sausages are linked to a lot of traditions và childhood memories depending on the country where they come from, but, needless lớn say, they vì contain meat. So how can we enjoy the taste of a good sausage once we adopt a vegan diet?

I’m happy to say that nowadays the industry is taking huge steps toward developing a wide variety of vegan meat alternatives which can also be used in the making of sausages.

Not gonna lie – making vegan sausages instead of meat ones takes a little bit more time & attention. When it comes khổng lồ traditional sausages, the egg is the main “glue” that holds all of the ingredients together. And you can’t use it, so it may become a little bit tricky. Once you master this, however, the result will be flavorful, guilt-free and sure to make vegans not feel left out, especially during the Christmas season when sausages are a must.


These being said, you can definitely make vegan sausages at trang chủ that are crisp on the outside and bursting with flavor on the inside… và most importantly, vegan sausages that hold their shape when they’re bitten into.And I must say, some of the vegan sausage varieties are so tasty and similar lớn regular ones that even meat lovers are going to ask for seconds! 🙂


Vegan sausages can be made from seitan, the popular “wheat meat” that makes for an excellent substitute both texture and flavor-wise. You can also use tofu, textured vegetable protein or a combination of any of these ingredients.

You can also showroom vegetables to lớn the mix, much as you would with vegan burger patties. Likewise, you can skip the seitan, soy or tofu entirely và use only legumes, such as beans or lentils.

Other amazing vegetable options are eggplants & beets. The ingredients you use are going lớn determine the flavor profile of your vegan sausage. For instance, using lentils as a base is going khổng lồ result in a strong flavor profile, while using white beans is going khổng lồ give you kind of a blank canvas which you can customize with the help of spices & herbs.

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Of course, no sausage, vegan or not, is going khổng lồ be good without a certain spice blend, & the varieties to it are pretty much endless. Some options are cumin, paprika, salt, pepper, oregano, cayenne, bay, sage, red wine vinegar, thyme, allspice, và the danh mục goes on và on và on.

You really need to lớn experiment & find out which combinations you like best và which works the greatest for the type of sausage that you are trying to recreate. For instance: for a chorizo-style vegan sausage you might want to lớn use a lot of spicy ingredients, while for a sage sausage you will obviously need a lot of sage, marjoram, red pepper etc.

In order for the sausage lớn hold its shape và to obtain that dense sausage texture, you need to add some sort of thickening or binding agent. You can use any type of flour for this.

Breadcrumbs also work really well when it comes lớn binding. You can even take this a step further và make your vegan sausages gluten-free if you are gluten intolerant. This calls for brown rice flour instead of a regular one. For that firm “sausage” texture you could use xanthan or guar gum, as they provide the texture naturally provided by gluten in a traditional recipe.


When it comes to lớn vegan sausages, steaming looks lượt thích the best method that will result in your sausages not falling apart. Refrigerating your cooked sausages for a few hours, or best overnight, also helps them to maintain their shape, much as when you are preparing a no-bake cake recipe.

Vegan sausages are a delicioustype of food that is becoming more và more popular. Nowadays you can find an increasing ready-made variety in the supermarkets, as veganism & vegetarianism are beginning lớn be adopted by more people every day.

Not only that: even omnivores are starting to prefer vegan sausages sometimes, as they tend khổng lồ be lower in calories and have low to lớn zero fat content. They also tend to be more nutritious as they contain a wide variety of vegetables! 🙂


You should definitely try this recipe for vegan sausages this holiday season và tell me if you loved it or not. For this recipe, I chose not lớn use seitan, as I’m not a big fan hâm mộ of it, và I “filled” my vegan sausages with white beans, nutritional yeast, garbanzo flour and, of course, the perfect blend of spices! Give them a try and don’t forget to chia sẻ them with your loved ones!