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Wondering how khổng lồ cook lion’s mane? Here are the best lion’s mane mushroom recipes! This furry fungus is not only delicious, but it’s also prized for its health benefits. Don’t miss the beautiful vegan crab cake recipe at the end.

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A vegan crab cake made with lion’s mane.

After enjoying the health benefits of lion’s mane via Four Sigmatic mushroom lattes, I’ve finally started buying it fresh. I recently stopped by the Santa Barbara Farmers Market to chat with our local grower about all things lion’s mane, including how khổng lồ store và cook it, and the best lion’s mane recipes.

I enjoyed cooking lion’s mane several different ways, from simply cooked on the stovetop, to lớn pulled và formed into vegan “crab cakes,” which was the clear recipe winner. Feel free to jump right down khổng lồ the Lion’s Mane Crab Cakes Recipe at the bottom, though I suggest reading through all the interesting facts, tips, và tricks first. Next, be sure to check out our Oyster Mushrooms 101 post & the amazing recipe that tastes lượt thích fried chicken.

What is Lion’s Mane Mushroom?

Hericium Erinaceus (Erinaceus meaning hedgehog) is a type of fungi also known as lion’s mane, pompom mushroom, bearded hedgehog mushroom, bearded tooth mushroom, và monkey head mushroom. In nature, it grows on dead trees, most commonly American Beech trees, & is harvested during the late summer và early fall. However, it is also cultivated by specialty mushroom growers, và can even be grown at home.

Used for both culinary and medicinal purposes, lion’s mane can be found fresh, or in capsule or powdered form.

Wondering what lion’s mane mushroom tastes like? Well, most people describe it as being similar in taste và texture lớn crab or lobster. For this reason, it’s often used khổng lồ make plant-based “crab” cakes or “lobster” rolls – some of our favorite lion’s mane mushroom recipes.


Lion’s Mane Mushroom Recipes

Roast in Oven: Toss cauliflower-floret sized pieces of lion’s mane with olive oil, salt, and pepper (or seasoning of choice.” Place on a baking sheet and roast at 450°F, stirring occasionally, until tender & browned about 15-20 minutes.Pan Sauté: Cut lion’s mane pieces into slices và cook in a dry skillet over medium heat until seared, about 4 minutes per side. Add butter, salt, and pepper, or a splash of liquid aminos, teriyaki sauce, or other sauce.

Best Lion’s Mane Mushroom Recipe: Vegan Crab Cakes

I’ve tried fresh lion’s mane a few different ways & can say that “crab cakes” is the best of the lion’s mane mushroom recipes. If you are lucky enough to find yourself with this special mushroom, try this recipe.

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Lion’s mane crab cakes are perfectly crispy on the outside thanks lớn panko và flavorful, moist, and tender on the inside. I love them on đứng đầu of a salad with avocado. The cakes can be pan-fried or cooked in the air fryer (Air Fryer French Fries would be tasty alongside).


Why this Recipe Lion’s Mane Mushroom Recipe Works so Well

I used a highly rated classic crab cake recipe here but used shredded fresh lion’s mane mushroom instead of crab. Lion’s mane naturally pulls apart into pieces with a similar texture to shredded crab meat.

These vegan crab cakes are even tastier than real crab cakes, in my opinion. They have all the texture and flavor, without any hint of fishiness.


Bread crumbs. Don’t substitute panko bread crumbs for any other type unless you really need to. Panko creates the perfect texture.Old bay Seasoning. Many crab cake recipes use Old bay Seasoning. This recipe has plenty of flavor without it, but if you’d lượt thích you can add 50% teaspoon, & slightly reduce the salt.Veggies. You can địa chỉ some very finely diced red bell pepper or celery if you’d like, or sub shallot for the onion. However, be careful not to add too much or the cakes won’t stick together as well.

Tips for Perfect Lion’s Mane Crab Cakes

Be sure khổng lồ pack the cakes very firmly. Don’t worry about smashing pieces of lion’s mane.Vegan crab cakes can fall apart a bit in the pan. Don’t worry if this happens, simply press the cake back together with a rubber spatula, or remove it from the pan, reshape & try again.This is a great recipe for the air fryer. Coat liberally with cooking spray và air-fry until very crispy. If not crispy enough, pop onto a very hot cast-iron skillet for a minute.These vegan crab cakes reheat very well và are great the next day. Reheat in a hot skillet until heated through.My favorite way khổng lồ enjoy these is over a bed of greens topped with diced avocado, lots of fresh herbs, and hot sauce.