Light And Fluffy Vegan Pancakes Recipe

How to make the best fluffy vegan pancakes, with just a few basic ingredients and endless flavor possibilities!


Vegan Pancake Recipes – 5 Ways

Chocolate chip Pancakes – obviously I’m partial to lớn this one.

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Strawberry jam and Coconut Whipped Cream – it tastes lượt thích eating homemade strawberry shortcake for breakfast!

For vegan blueberry pancakes, press a few berries into each pancake right after they go on the skillet. Vị trí cao nhất with pure maple syrup or powdered sugar if desired.

Or replace 1/4 cup of the milk with mashed banana, for vegan banana pancakes.

And of course there’s always the classic pancake toppings: maple syrup & butter. Use your favorite vegan butter, or spread on some coconut butter or peanut butter.

Fluffy Vegan Pancake Ingredients

If you have flour, baking soda, vinegar, salt, & baking powder, you already have everything you need to lớn make this easy pancake recipe.

Stir in the optional rolled oats to make vegan oatmeal pancakes, or use oat flour or gluten miễn phí all purpose khổng lồ make gluten không tính tiền pancakes.

I’ve not tried making them with buckwheat or whole wheat flour yet (and I don’t recommend using coconut flour), so please feel không lấy phí to report back if you experiment!

I also have not tried making these with almond flour, but there is a low carb keto pancake recipe included in the recipe box below if you want keto vegan pancakes.

The recipe works with either milk of choice (such as almond, soy, or coconut) or water, and the sugar can be omitted if you want savory or sugar miễn phí pancakes.

For a healthy breakfast that tastes lượt thích a decadent dessert, try topping the egg free pancakes with a scoop of Banana Ice Cream!

How khổng lồ Make Vegan Pancakes

Combine all of the dry ingredients in one bowl, and stir well. Mix in the liquid ingredients to lớn achieve a pancake batter.

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If you want extra fluffy pancakes, let the batter sit for about ten lớn fifteen minutes khổng lồ thicken. This step is not required.

Depending on the flour you use, more liquid may be needed. Slowly địa chỉ cửa hàng more until your desired pancake batter thickness is reached.

Grease a nonstick skillet or pancake griddle, và turn on the heat to lớn medium.

You can thử nghiệm to see if the pan is hot by adding a drop of water. If the water sizzles, the pan is ready and you can start cooking your pancakes.

Drop small ladles of batter onto the skillet, & gently press down. Smaller pancakes will cook more evenly and avoid burnt edges with undercooked middles.

If adding fresh berries, chopped or sliced banana, or chocolate chips, sprinkle or press them into the pancakes at this time.

Flip the pancakes with a spatula when the edges begin to look dry. Cook for an additional minute or two before removing from the griddle. Re-grease the skillet after each mix of pancakes khổng lồ they won’t stick to lớn the pan.

Note: You can also turn the pancakes into Vegan Waffles.

Dairy không tính tiền Pancake Storage Tips

To save time in the morning, you can ảo diệu the batter the night before if you wish and refrigerate the batter in a covered bowl.

If there are any leftover vegan pancakes, let them cool và then stack the pancakes in an airtight lidded container with a layer of wax paper or parchment paper between each pancake for three khổng lồ four days.

Or freeze the pancakes for up to lớn two months, once again with parchment or wax paper in between each layer to prevent the pancakes from sticking lớn each other.