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If you haven"t had the opportunity khổng lồ try the Vietnamese delight that is Banh Xeo, you are in for a treat. This is a guide on what Banh Xeo is and how you can make it right at home with an easy to lớn follow recipe!

Banh Xeo is often referred to as the Vietnameseomelettebecause it looks lượt thích an omlette. In fact, it is not made of egg at all.

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It melds together a delicious mixture of rice flour, turmeric, pork belly, shrimp và bean sprouts that is then drizzled with nuoc mam sauce.


My sister-in-law makes the BEST banh xeo & I"m going to lớn attempt to nội dung with you her recipe. Every time she brings over this dish, the kids go absolutely bonkers over it. It might be the crispiness of cake or how the shallots và onions are incorporated into the cake, or it may be the delicious tender pork belly that"s incorporated into the filling. Whatever it is, this dish goes over well at any family gathering.

This Vietnamese rice crepe can be made on any weeknight!


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What is Banh Xeo?

Banh Xeo is often referred to as the crispy Vietnamese sizzling cake, pancake or crepe. It has a beautiful, golden yellow outer layer that is often melded with shallots, onions và filled with pork belly strips, shrimp, bean sprouts and green onion.

The first bite of this dish will offer a beautiful texture of a crunchy crust, followed by a savory filling with shrimp và pork. With the nuoc mam dressing, you"ll be able lớn find the perfect blend of sweet & sour taste.

It is often described as being both a crepe và an omelette.

What are the typical ingredients of Banh Xeo?

Banh Xeo batter is made of rice flour, turmeric, tapioca starch và coconut milk. The filling generally has bean sprouts, cooked shrimp, cooked pork belly, và bean sprouts. The outer shell is typically cooked with shallots and onions melded into the shell. It is cooked with a frying pan with vegetable oil in it.

Once the pancake is crispy on all sides, it’s folded over with a spatula and slide onto a serving platter và served with a variety of fresh vegetables & Vietnamese herbs và a side of fish sauce dipping sauce.

Where does Banh Xeo originate from?

The popular version of Banh Xeo hails from central Vietnam. It is thought that the dish originated from France during it"s occupation of Vietnam. While Banh Xeo does originate from central Vietnam, as most dishes do, they have been modified và adapted into different variations depending on region.

If you ever visit get the opportunity lớn visit Saigon, you can bet that the food carts in the street corners all over the city serve up this delicious dish. Walking in the streets of Vietnam, you will get bombarded with an array of amazing smells from the abundance of street food all around you, but the one you will HEAR will be the sizzle of Banh Xeo. This Vietnamese crispy pancake crepe are SERIOUS street food that deserve a try.

What are other versions of Banh Xeo?

North Vietnam are smaller và often include ingredients like manioc in it.

Central Vietnam offers Banh Xeo crepes that are smaller without turmeric, which makes it white in appearance.

Hue Vietnam offers another version called "banh khoai" that are filled with fennel, green banana, star fruit & banana. This is the biggest deviation from the popular recipe.

What"s the meaning of Banh Xeo when translated in English?

The delectable, round yellow crepes get their name from the rice flour the sizzles super hot on the pan. The word banh xeo literally means "sizzling cake". Banh Xeo is Vietnamese sizzling crepe, sizzlign cake, & even sizzling pancake.

The "xeo" refers lớn the sound of the sizzle of the pan và the batter when you cook it. When you start cooking it, you"ll know what I"m talking about! There"s this definite hissing sound that the batter and pan make together when that first drop hits!

What are some other names for Banh Xeo?

Banh XeoBanh Xeo GionVietnamese Yellow omeletteVietnamese PancakeVietnamese Sizzling Cake

What does Banh Xeo taste like?

The first bite of Banh Xeo will provide a crispy và chewy element that is absolutely divine. When you dress it with nuoc mam, it packs a flavorful punch of the sweet và sour sauce. Once you delve into the dish even more, you"ll find bean sprouts, pork belly, and shrimp folded into the crepe, making the hearty part of the dish just as delectable.

As you eat it, you"ll notice the yellow golden shell, trademarked from the melding of the tumeric that"s added into the batter.


Is making Banh Xeo hard?

Banh Xeo takes at least 30 minutes of prep time. Most of this prep time includes cutting and deveining shrimp as well as boiling and cutting the pork belly. Once you phối up your Banh Xeo making stations, you"ll be able lớn make them pretty quickly after that. (Think about how long it takes to lớn make an actual egg omlette!)

Is Banh Xeo made with egg?

There is definitely NO EGG in Banh Xeo. The yellow shell màu sắc is due khổng lồ the turmeric that is added into the batter.


What"s the difference between Banh Xeo & Banh Beo?

Banh Xeo is a Vietnamese rice flour cake that is fried in oil and filled with pork belly, shrimp và sprouts. It looks lượt thích a yellow omelette with a lot of filling. Banh Beo is a Vietnamese steamed rice cake that is a puffy trắng bun that is filled with pork and mung beans inside.

How many calories are in Banh Xeo?

Per serving (320 grams), there is 375 calories in Banh Xeo, which is often referred to as a Vietnamese pancake.


What"s the secret to making Banh Xeo delicious?

Heat of the Pan

The heat of the pan needs to lớn be set on medium high. While you may THINK the batter is burning, trust me it is not with this recipe! Once the batter hits the pan, it takes about 3-5 minutes before the batter is completely done. Let the batter SIZZLE.

Cooking on higher than normal heat makes for the best Banh Xeo. From a temperature standpoint, use the highest side of medium. This will provide the heat keep things crispy và crunchy without burning the outside shell.

Explore Various Asian Herbs

As with most Vietnamese dishes, Banh Xeo has a lot of accompaniments. In this recipe, I"ve listed the more popular and common herbs that you can eat with it. However, if you would like to explore some additional palettes, try to find these herbs at your local Asian market and eat them with Banh Xeo (as well as any other Vietnamese dish).

Fish mint (Rau Diep Ca)Sorrel (Rau Chua)Vietnamese balm (Kinh Gioi)Vietnamese perilla (Tia To)Pickled daikon and carrots (Do Chua)

Asian Grocery Store Visit for Ingredients

If you plan on making your batter from scratch, you"ll need:

Rice flourTumericWheat Flour, all purpose

Otherwise, you can just buy this package:

While you are there, you may also want lớn pick up:

Coconut milkShrimpPork Belly

Ingredients for Banh Xeo Batter

You can choose to either buy a package that already has the Banh Xeo batter or make your own. If you want khổng lồ make your own, here are the ingredients you"ll need to mix up:

1 cup of rice flour⅓ cup of all-purpose wheat flour3 teaspoon tumeric

Ingredients for Making Banh Xeo

Batter for Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo Flour (12 oz)1 teaspoon of salt3 ½ cups of water1 can of coconut cream (14 oz)1 teaspoon salt½ onion sliced½ shallot sliced

3 scallions, chopped

Filling for Banh Xeo

1 lb of shrimp (size 60/70)1 lb of pork belly, thinly sliced½ lb of bean sprouts

vegetable oil

2 tablespoons of minced garlic

Accompaniments for Banh Xeo (Optional)

Nuoc Mam Cham (recipe here)1 bunch of cilantro1 bunch of mint1 head of lettuce

Instructions for Banh Xeo

Step 1 - Prepare Batter

Combine all batter ingredients except scallions in a large bowl for at least 3 hours, or overnight.

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The longer the batter rests, the crispier it will be when fried as flour expands. địa chỉ scallions only right before making the crêpes.

Step 2 - Prepare Fillings

Clean the pork và shrimp by vigorously rubbing them with salt. Rinse under cold running water & drain dry.


Boil pork until cooked through (generally trăng tròn minutes).


Slice pork belly into thin pieces.


Devein & cook the shrimp.

Wash bean sprouts và vegetable/herb accompaniments. Set aside.

Step 3 - Make the Banh Xeo

In general, each crêpe takes about 5-7 minutes. Coat a large non-stick 9-inch skillet with a thin layer of vegetable oil.


Add 1-2 teaspoons of vegetable oil and some onions. địa chỉ cửa hàng minced garlic, onion, shallot và saute until fragrant.

Next, địa chỉ cửa hàng pork belly & shrimp. Saute until evenly cooked for about 2 minutes until very lightly browned.


Ladle in about a cup of batter and quickly tilt & rotate the pan so the batter is evenly spread. Add more batter if it wasn"t enough lớn cover the pan.



Next, showroom a handful of bean sprouts.

Cover with a lid for 2-3 minutes, or until bean sprouts are slightly cooked until the sprouts start to wilt. The batter should also be slightly cooked và transparent around the edges.

Remove the lid, lower heat to lớn medium & wait for the crêpe lớn become crisp.

Once crispy, fold your crepe in half, slide the Banh Xeo onto a serving dish và dish up with accompaniments.


Repeat with remaining batter and ingredients.


How vày you eat Banh Xeo?

The experience of eating Banh Xeo is an artistry. First, break off a piece of your steaming hot crispy crepe & wrap some fresh greens around it, then dip the entire concoction into the sweet, sour & zesty nuoc cham sauce.

Bánh xèo is food meant lớn be eaten with your hands. A big plate of greens with a set of herbs always accompanies this dish. You can substitute green leaf lettuce for the mustard greens in a pinch, and mint is the only must-have herb here with cilantro and Vietnamese perilla being the other commonly used ones. However you can really throw in whatever you like.


Eating It with Rice Paper

Rice paper can be used to eat Banh Xeo as well. While rice paper is most commonly known for making delicious Vietnamese Goi Cuon, it is also a great way to lớn eat Banh Xeo.

First, cut your folded banh xeo pancake into manageable sized pieces and lay it flat on a moistened piece of rice paper. Select leaves and herbs (like basil, mint, sprouts, và lettuce) và lay these on top. Roll the pancake into a tight wrap, dip into the nuoc mam sauce và eat.

Summary of Banh Xeo

The lasting bite of Banh Xeo is just one of those things that quite literally has all the flavor & most of the textures.


Banh Xeo has a verdant and crisp brightness from the greens meets a savory và chewy crunch from the shrimp and pork belly. The sweet heat meeting a sweet và sour nuoc cham makes it absolutely delicious.


If you are wanting lớn make the most magical Vietnamese condiment of all, nuoc mam, my recipe has the perfect levels of sour, sweet, salty, savory & spicy lớn accompany this delicious banh xeo dish.