Tuna Pizza With Green Peppers

Tuna pizza may sound weird but trust me that if you like tuna melts, you"ll love the bộ combo of crunchy crust, creamy cheese, and salty tuna!

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Tuna Pizza!

I know that might sound way out of left field for many people. It’s definitely not on the Pizza Hut menu, but stay with me here.

If you’ve ever had a tuna melt, you’ll know the full bộ of salty tuna, creamy melted cheese, và crunchy bread is basically a pizza!

I love tuna pizza because the toppings are actually are quite light but it has big flavors. This pizza is intended lớn be cooked super hot so the crust is crispy and the tuna even gets a little charred in spots. Before serving, garnish it with a handful of arugula and some lemon zest khổng lồ brighten it up. YES.

What Ingredients are on a Tuna Pizza?

There’s an argument that you could make this a white pizza or lượt thích a clam pizza with just olive oil, but I like a little red sauce on my tuna pizza. Go light on it and I just use good tomatoes, not seasoned pizza sauce. Use a good packed tuna in water or oil (I prefer water for this) & capers. Don’t skip the capers!

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The key to making this pizza work is to use a light hand with the toppings. The tuna should be dotted around, but not piled up anywhere. The cheese shouldn’t blanket the dough, but just lightly cover it. Some sauce spots should show through.

Cooking the Pizza in an Ooni

Obviously, I used my new Ooni pizza oven to cook this bad boy in just a few minutes. A-mazing. Read my full đánh giá and unboxing of my Ooni pizza oven for more info on it!

If you don’t have an Ooni, what are you even doing?

KIDDING. You can still make this pizza. This pizza works great on a traditional pizza stone in a hot (500˚F) oven. It’ll need a bit longer to lớn cook, probably 10-12 minutes, but will be golden brown và delicious.

Tuna pizza might seem lượt thích a weird combo, but it has actually jumped the ranks in my favorite pizza options. I really love it. Give it a shot!

If you have questions about the Ooni or this pizza, leave a comment!

Tuna Pizza with Capers

by Nick
Serves:1 medium pizzaPrep Time:5 mins Cook Time:5 mins Total Time: 10 mins