Easy homemade pizza sauce recipe

How lớn make a homemade pizza sauce recipe that’s sure to lớn make pizzas taste so much better! This sauce is quick & easy khổng lồ make, freezes well, và has zero mystery ingredients!


Say hello khổng lồ a nice và thick homemade pizza sauce. I so wish you could smell this sauce through the screen right now.

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It’s warm, hearty, & is the perfect sauce to use on homemade pizzas. Making homemade pizza sauce isn’t difficult and it doesn’t have to lớn be time-consuming either. My recipe makes a large batch that you could use on 3-4 pizza crusts depending on your sauce preference. I go light on pizza sauce (heartburn is so real at 33) so it usually lasts me for closer to lớn 5 pizzas. Keep in mind though that it all depends on how long you simmer the sauce. The longer you simmer the tomato sauce, the more concentrated it’ll be.

It also uses mostly pantry staples so you can make it in no time!


This Homemade pizza sauce recipe is…

Vegan-friendlyGluten-freethe best pizza sauceReady in around 30 minutes

What you need khổng lồ make this easy pizza sauce recipe:

Canned whole tomatoes:I’ve made this recipe enough times now lớn have tested it with whole tomatoes, diced canned tomatoes, and pureed tomatoes, & though all three of these work, I still find the whole tomatoes khổng lồ be the best choice for making pizza sauce at home. Start by crushing San Marzano tomatoes & making my own ‘crushed tomatoes.’Olive oil:a generous splash not only helps flavor the sauce but also helps cook and bloom all of our aromatics and spices.Dried seasonings:My seasonings of choice are dried oregano, dried basil, & red pepper flakes. Sometimes I’ll cut back on the dried oregano a bit, especially if I’m topping the pizza with tons of toppings. However, this is your call. You can also địa chỉ a tiny pinch of dried marjoram if you’d like!Sugar và salt:The salt và sugar help flavor the sauce. I find canned tomatoes lớn be on the acidic side, so the sugar helps tame it a bit. You could omit the sugar completely if this isn’t something that bothers you.

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Can you swap out canned tomatoes for fresh ones?

That would work. In the summertime when tomatoes are at their best, I lượt thích to use fresh Roma tomatoes for this recipe. You’ll need about 1½ – 1¾ pounds of tomatoes. To lớn prep, the tomatoes, score an “x” on the bottom of each tomato using a sharpparing knife. Showroom the tomato khổng lồ a pot of boiling water và allow them khổng lồ boil for 1-2 minutes. Remove the tomatoes carefully và place them on a plate or in a bowl. Allow them khổng lồ cool. Then, peel the skin away from the tomatoes. Once that’s done, you can follow the recipe as listed.


How khổng lồ make pizza sauce from scratch:

Cook the aromatics:In a saucepan over medium heat, địa chỉ the grated onions, & the dried seasonings. Allow the oil to cook the onions for around 3-4 minutes, stirring frequently so nothing sticks or burns. Then, địa chỉ the garlic & continue to cook for another 30 seconds.Simmer the sauce:Add the tomatoes along with the sugar và salt & allow the sauce to come to lớn a simmer, then lower the heat và allow for it lớn cook for 30 minutes. You can taste the sauce và adjust with additional seasoning or salt as desired. You could also simmer the sauce for longer should you find it needs to lớn be a little more concentrated for your taste.

Can you freeze pizza sauce?

Yes, you absolutely can! I usually use about half the sauce to lớn make two pizzas, và once cooled, pop the rest intothesetake-out containers. You could also just place it in zip-top bags if you’d like and freeze it flat. That way you can stack your bags. You can keep the sauce in the refrigerator for about a week, and it lasts for 3 months in the freezer.