Tomato noodles with fried egg

Make this quick tomato egg noodles when you’re in a rush because it takes no time to lớn whip it up for a comforting meal. The scrambled eggs are cooked with tomatoes, aromatics, & a drizzle of soy sauce lớn create a simple scrumptious sauce, served on vị trí cao nhất of boiled noodles. So simple và hearty. Gluten-Free adaptable

Childhood nostalgia

I was recently chatting with some American friends who had visited China. & I asked them what the best Chinese dishes they had tried were (typical me!). I was impressed by the variety of different responses I got: dan dan noodles, lamb skewers, & of course, pork dumplings. However, I was surprised to learn that their everyday go-to dish was stir-fried egg and tomato.

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On second thought, maybe this shouldn’t be so surprising. In my popular post showing how lớn make this very classic Chinese dish, I remarked how badly overseas Chinese students miss this simple trang chủ comfort. For me, being in the US for so long, the sweet, sour, and savory aroma of tomato & egg brings back nostalgic feelings of childhood. Even during my days of doing military-style training in pretty harsh conditions, this meal was one of the highlights each week. Its modest homeyness makes it a reliable staple for Chinese people and foreigners alike.

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Quickest one bowl dinner

Stir-fried tomato and egg can be found at pretty much every restaurant across China, and at many Chinese restaurants in the US. Although no two will be exactly the same, they all require minimal ingredients and are incredibly quick lớn make. Most often it comes with a side of rice. The rice soaks up all of the sweet-sour juices & pairs beautifully with the textures of the tomato and the egg. Unfortunately, not all tomatoes in china are made equal. Many of them are tough và flavorless, having been grown in greenhouses with lots of chemicals.

I’ve found that I can get perfectly ripe, juicy tomatoes here in the US at my local farmers’ market. They cook up just right for this dish. Don’t assume it needs khổng lồ be fancy though – when I really have no time, I can just grab some canned tomatoes from the pantry. They also work superbly! Prepare some fast-cooking noodles while you’re making the stir fry, then combine the two elements in serving bowls. You can finish it with the addition of the nutty sauce from this recipe for a truly magical experience!

Most perfect of all, this is the best dish you could cook in the shortest amount of time. It really only takes 15 minutes for something warm, filling, & timelessly yummy.

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