Tteokbokki is every K-pop/K-drama or Korean culture fan’s starter pack food.

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Tteokbokki (떡볶이) is a popular Korean snack that consists of rice cakes coated in a sweet-spicy sauce made of Korean chili paste và topped with vegetables. When ramen noodles (라면) are added to lớn the dish, that combination becomes Rabokki (라볶이) which is Ramen + Tteokbokki. This is one of the first Korean dishes that fans get lớn know about, but as accessible as K-pop & K-dramas are khổng lồ us, Korean food is still far from reach khổng lồ most. The ingredients or the readymade dish is not widely available. Even if it is, it’s quite expensive. So, what vị we do? We create our own version! Korean food with Korean ingredients at home! Let’s make it!

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Preparing Rice Cakes

Take 2 cups of rice flour. địa chỉ cửa hàng ½ cup of all-purpose flour khổng lồ it. All-purpose flour or “Maida” is used to provide binding. So, if the rice flour you’re using is glutinous or sticky, then you can skip all-purpose flour.

Add a pinch of salt if you vày not like rice cakes too sweet. Slowly add water & start kneading the mixture. Make sure to not add water at once since the mixture might đại bại its consistency. The rice cake should have mouldable consistency lượt thích clay.

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Next, start rolling lumps of the phối into cylinders và cut according lớn your desired size. Steam the cakes in a steamer for 5-10 minutes until the rice cakes are cooked và they become bouncy instead of clay-like. Vị not overcook as the cakes can harden quickly.

Preparing the Sauce

As the cakes are steaming, start preparing the sauce. For this, heat 1 cup of water in a saucepan. Once the water starts khổng lồ simmer, địa chỉ cửa hàng 1-2 tbsp. Of red chili powder or showroom red chili paste if you have it in the same amount. địa chỉ 2 tbsp. Of sugar to the pan & stir. địa chỉ cửa hàng salt as per your taste.

The sauce should mainly taste sweet và spicy because that’s how Tteokbokki tastes like. For a little flavour, you can showroom vegetables of your choice và a little soy sauce if you like. Let the sauce thicken and then showroom the cooked rice cakes to lớn the sauce. Let the sauce coat the rice cakes nicely & your Indian style Tteokbokki is ready!

Preparing Rabokki

Making Rabokki is also very simple. Just địa chỉ a little more water khổng lồ the sauce and địa chỉ cooked ramen noodles (if you have Korean ones then great, if not add Maggi noodles) và that’s it và your Rabokki is ready!