Korean rice cake in vietnamese translation


Vietnamese cuisine is the clearest reflection of Vietnamese culture & lifestyle, from its preparation khổng lồ its serving.

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Through the long period of wars & cultural shifts, most Vietnamese people have been living in poverty. Therefore, the ingredients for Vietnamese food are sometimes rather inexpensive but mixed together khổng lồ create dishes rich in flavor, each featuring one or more elements of five fundamental taste, namely sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty. However, the sweetness is above all preferred in southern Vietnam and Saigon, in particular, more than any other regions, which can be clearly seen through the widespread use of coconut milk & sugar in most dishes. Furthermore, as the warm weather và fertile soil make Southern Vietnam an ideal place lớn grow various fruits, vegetables, & cattle; foods here are vibrant và flavorful with a generous addition of fresh herbs. The following food danh sách is definitely the must-try if you want khổng lồ delve more into the heart and soul of Saigon cuisine.


1. Broken Rice (Cơm tấm)

Saigon cuisine is a mixture of all foods in different regions so lớn find a dish with just only Saigon flavor is quite difficult.

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However, with cơm tấm, broken rice, you cannot find the signature taste and flavor of this dish anywhere else but in Saigon. Cơm tấm (aka broken rice) was & now still is one of the most favored dishes for breakfast, lunch and even dinner among the Saigonese. The rice used khổng lồ make cơm tấm is really unique and distinctive since it is literally broken or fragmented, but still as nutritious as the equivalent unbroken rice. Commonly, it is accompanied by grilled pork (either chops or ribs) plus bì (thinly shredded pork and pork skin), a sunny side up egg và chả trứng (made from egg, crabmeat, ground pork, Peziza and glass noodles, which was the result of Vietnamese & American cuisine’s combination during wartime before 1975). The dish is then topped with a little scallion oil, crunchy chicken cracklings and pickled vegetables (cucumber, carrot & daikon radish). Last but not least, pour on a moderate layer of sweet and sour fish sauce to finish the preparation. You can find cơm tấm almost everywhere in the city & I personally think it would be pretty hard to lớn find a not good one around.

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Price range: 1,000 – 5,000VNDPlaces lớn find:#269/8 Nguyen Thi Nho Street, District 11 (11:00am-6:30pm)Lý: Nguyen Van Giai Street, District 1 (9:00am-9:00pm)Le Van Tam Park, Dien Bien Phu Street, District 1 (3:00pm-10:00pm)#210 Tran Binh trong Street, District 5 (3:30pm-10:00pm)#51/24B Ho Thi Ky Street, District 10 (2:00pm-7:00pm)