How to make fish cakes


– Sugar, vinegar, fish sauce, seasoning, pepper, lolot leaves (or Piper lolot), liquid lard.

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2. Instructions:

Mince beef, pork liver & lean pork then set with the shallot and garlic, showroom seasoning, sugar và liquid lard. Mix aside to lớn marinate.

Remove the lolot leaf stem, wash và drain. Place the mixture of meat on the leaf then wrap up (repeat with the remaining leaves until all the beef is used); place the wrapped meat on a grid and grill over a charcoal fire until golden; transfer to a plate.

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Heat the fat & fry the shallot until fragrant; sprinkle the plate of grilled meat with fried shallot; mix the fish sauce with vinegar, sugar, garlic and chili lớn make dipping sauce.

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