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A pillow cake gives that wonderful warm hugs feeling. And, making it a red heart cake just makes it perfect for Valentine"s Day. You will be surprised how easy this cake is lớn make. And, your valentine will think you slaved all day over it.

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Pillow Valentine Heart Cake Recipe & Tutorial

This year, surprise your valentine with this beautiful edible pillow. Don"t you just love how pretty this pillow cake is? In particular, I love that puffed up look from the embossing and the beads. And, if you see the video, you will see how simple & easy it is to make.

I made this using red fondant for Valentine"s day. But, it would also be perfect for so many occasions.

Or, a perfect anniversary cake - in any màu sắc - red works too.And, an engagement cake (with the ring on top) - red works too.

This is one of the cakes from my Heart Cake Tutorials collections. In addition, see my other Valentine"s Day Cakes linked below.

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About this cake

The Cake Shape - Instead of using a heart pan I used a sheet cake. I made two heart cakes.

When should I start decorating my cake?

Timeline for decorating cakes - The active time on this cake is close khổng lồ two hours but this does not include the negative time you need in between. This also does not include time for making homemade fondant which would be another 10 mins + 3 hours chilling.

Bake the cake - 35 mins (10 mins prep - 25 mins baking)Frosting - 5 minutes Chill the cake - 2 hours at least (negative time)Carve & crumb coat - 15 minsChill the cake - 15 mins (negative time) Smoothing - 15 minsChill the cake - 1 hour (negative time) Fondant work - 15 minsdragees - 10 mins
Pillow Valentine Heart Cake Recipe và Tutorial

Step by step instructions (pin)

Bake the cake

Preheat the oven lớn 160 C/320 F.Grease & line one 7-inch heart cake pan or 8 x 8-inch square panSift flour with baking powder và salt.Cream butter & sugar until light và fluffyAdd eggs one at a time.Followed bythe vanilla extract.Lastly, địa chỉ flour mixture và cream.Bake for about 25 lớn 30 minutes until a skewer inserted in the center comes out clean.Cool on a wire rack for 10 minutes before removing from the pan.Always cool cakes completely before you decorate or store cakes awayFreeze the cake for an hour (optional) as it makes it easier lớn carve.

Prepare frosting

Cream butter for a minute showroom vanilla & whipping cream - whip some moreAdd the powdered sugar - one cup at a time Once all the powdered sugar is in - whip for three minutes until the buttercream is light & fluffy.

Carve the cake

If you use a square pan - Using the heart template, cut out the heart cake. Hold the knife at a 90% angle - straight up - so you get a nice straight side (not beveled) Round the edges & shape the heart as shown in the videoMake sure to lớn flip the cake over and crave both sides.Simple syrup the cake (optional) Crumb coat the cake and let chill for 15 minutes add a second coat of buttercream and smooth as much as you can, using a spatula and scraper. Chill the cake for at least an hour. Then use a cling wrap lớn smooth the cake as shown in the video

Cover the cake with fondant

Roll red color fondant 10 inches larger than the diameter of the cake. Gently roll it over the rolling pin. Then unroll it over the cake. Use your hands khổng lồ smooth it out cutting any excess as necessary. Tuck the fondant under so the edges are raised from the sides. Use a fondant smoother or your hands khổng lồ smooth the sides & edges.

Fondant lattice pattern

You can easily find fondant tools lớn create a lattice effect on cakes. But in this video, I have shown you how to vì it freehand (I am hoping non-cake decorators without cake decorating tools will be able to attempt this cake as well).First, smooth the cake with your hands. Tip - The heat in your hands warms the sugar on the surface of the fondant giving that shiny look you see in the video.Use the back of your small kitchen knife, create lines an inch apart from each other in one direction. Tip - starting from the center works best. Make a line in the center - then continue on one side, then the other. It helps to keep them evenly spaced. Then turn the cake và do the same in the other direction. Tip - use the same method as above. Keep them equally spaced. You should now have a square (lattice) pattern on the cake. Use the back of a paintbrush khổng lồ deepen the same lines. Tip - It"s best to bởi vì this twice so the fondant stretches. This will ensure you don"t cut into the fondant. Now use the bottom of your paintbrush khổng lồ make a slight dip at every intersection of the lines. Tip - press lightly so you vì chưng not make a big hole. This helps keep the dragees in place or they tend khổng lồ fall out. I use the tip of the knife to lớn create a few lines before I place the dragee. This gives the effect of creases around each dragee.Place a dragee at the corner of every square. Tip - use a tweezer to lớn help hold the dragee (I started with the tweezer but my little girl took it away so you can see I"m doing it manually with my hand - kids!!).That"s it. Happy Valentine"s Day

This is one of the cakes from my Heart Cake Tutorials collections. You may lượt thích to also see the videos for my Heart Cake và Conversation Heart cakes.

Pillow Valentine Heart Cake Recipe & Tutorial,

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