How to make mi hoanh thanh recipe

How to lớn make the delicious Thanh Tri Rice Roll cake

Characteristics of Thanh Tri Rice Roll cake, rice roll is made for a long time ago. The cake is very thin, flexible, tough, although there is no meat personality but Thanh Tri rice roll still seduced people eat. When watching the Thanh Tri rice rolls people feel like the master craftsman. Thanh Tri people choose Khang Dan rice which is not too flexible, not too hard to powder without crushed & soaked and milled into powdered water. Watering the cake is always boiling at 100 degrees Celsius so that the cake is cooked quickly and has no plasticity. When taking out the cake, apply a thin layer of onion and mushroom shredded for the glossy & beautiful. Long time age Rice Roll used without meat, but now the restaurant to upgrade the Thanh Tri Rice Roll has both meat và mushroom. Cake is coated and then overlap several layers, when eating people peeled one by one to lớn plate with vegetables, onion & cinnamon lean pork pie.

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Ingredients makes about 6 servings

500g Khang Dan rice

1 spoon flour

1000ml water

1 spoon salt

50 gr mushroom

200 ml oil

200 gr onion

300 gr dried onion

Sugar, vinegar, fish sauce, pepper, chili

How khổng lồ make Rice Roll

Soak the rice

500gr Khang Dan rice for bucket or pot soaked about 4-5 hours.


Grind the flour

Put the rice soaked in a grist-mill . When milling the rinsing tap on rice. Water helps to lớn make the rice mixture is finer.

Usually we grind 1-2 times,Bánh cuốn Ba hanh khô grind 3 times! This makes the starch smooth, soft, when the cake will ripen even better, liên kết cake better.

The mixxing of the flour to be ground into a pot or pot, you can store in the refrigerator to preserve the cake does not sour.


Rice Roll water

Mix in a spoon of powder with 1 teaspoon of salt

Mixxing water và flour until flour is sticky


The Pot

Put the water in the pot, boil khổng lồ fire, boiling water và start pouring flour

The cake coating

Pour the flour on the molds quickly and evenly, it helps khổng lồ coat thin và evenly, & then cover the cake again. This process takes about 3 seconds. Cake is ripe and gently remove the cake và put in the vi buom. So all the cake is made.

If it does not run out, we can put the mixture in the fridge for subsequent storage & water change. It helps the cake is not sour.


Rattan Tray

As a cyperaceae piece, when the cake to the tray, put oil into the cake to lớn avoid sticking, but put oil on the cake when eating will not taste. Vi buom is effective against stickiness as it is made from cyperaceae, capable of moisturizing that can absorb water without being sticky. Vi buom helps when you eat rice roll that is not greasy, salmonbery. This else different with rice roll on aluminum tray


Stuffing of rice dumpling

Dred mushroom muffs & clean & gray with onion

Onion stalks are small, chopped before.

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Meat is minced

Meat with sauce is cooked

Put small onion và mushroom are cooked with meat.

Put pepper in just eating. So we have delicious cake (see how to bởi vì delicious cake)


Put meat và wrap the rolls

Take the spoon mixture of meat rolls spread on the new cake, folded into a roll lượt thích a rice roll paper. Then take out the disk.


The dried onion

Cut green onion & put in a hot bowl, half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of sugar. Heat 200ml oil dump to lớn the trickware truncated & this way make it be better. (The Rice Roll has nothing).



The purple onions are stripped, finished when it is gold colour. While pouring oil pan over oil khổng lồ boiling, then put onions. When the yellow colour is poured into the basket lớn drain the oil, pour it into a vial or plastic bag khổng lồ keep the onion is not dissipated.


The way how lớn make the sauce

-100 gr warm water

-30 gr sugar

-30 gr fish sauce

-Garlic, chili


Mix water, sugar, vinegar and fish sauce to dissolve spices when you eat you can add chili và a little pepper. If your fish sauce is salty, you must địa chỉ more sugar into water.


Put on the dish

Rice Roll cake is stacked on đứng đầu of each other like a spring roll, sprinkle the onion on the cake and spread on the plate.


Enjoy the food.

Thanh Tri Rice Rolls can be eat with aromatic herbs, coriander & cinnamon lean pork pie with sweet and sour sauce, sweet & gentle onions.