How to make korean fish cakes for soup


(This is part II of How to lớn Make Korean Fish Cakes.

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If you want lớn find out How khổng lồ Make Korean Fish Cakes forappetisers / sides / snacks, click this link. )

Last week I shared a recipe – How to Make Korean Fish Cakes for appetisers / sides / snacks. Today, I want to cốt truyện How to Make Korean Fish Cakes for Soup. You might be wondering what’s the difference between the former & the latter?

My quick answer is the cooking method. The first one is deep fried & the second one is boiled. While I was researching fish cake recipes, I discovered that boiled fish cakes better suit soup as it will give a cleaner broth flavour as opposed khổng lồ an oily flavour.

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This way, you can appreciate the soup & fish cakes more!

That made sense to lớn me. Typically when Koreans use pre-packaged fish cakes for cooking, most of them rinse the fish cakes in warm/hot running tap water khổng lồ wash out the oil coat in its surface.

After making these fish cakes, I made the fish cake soup right away. Và it really tasted healthy. My sister said, “To some degree, boiled fish cakes come across a bit bland but that’s because I’m used to the unhealthy packaged fish cakes.”

I thought she is right. I felt the same way. It tasted really natural & healthy. Something I wouldn’t mind feeding my little toddler girl over và over.