Lacy spring rolls with crab, prawn and taro

Nothing beats homemade Chả Giò! Grandma’s recipe for Vietnamese Spring Rolls promises a truly aromatic center packed with textures from vermicelli, vegetables, assorted mushrooms & juicy pork. The outside is deep fried until golden and shatteringly crisp!

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There are tons of giò lụa recipes out there on the Internet, all showcasing perfectly wrapped spring rolls. But growing up, homemade spring rolls didn’t look lượt thích that. There might have been a corner slightly curled up after frying, a ripple in a fold or a patch darker than the rest.

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And all those imperfections meant one thing: Grandma, Mum và all the aunties had made them out of love. Maybe the rolled corners happened because they were busy laughing away at the latest shared joke. Or maybe the wrapper wrinkles formed when everyone leaned in to lớn chat about a beloved TV show.

Regardless of what happened in those conversations, the best part was always when it was time lớn eat them, especially as part of a noodle salad or just on its own.

As soon as each chả lụa came out fresh, there was no denying how gloriously crunchy they were. The filling would be smoking with taro’s nutty fragranceplump from meat juice.

You’d have khổng lồ be quick with your hands though; the plate would never be filled because each one would keep getting taken. Homemade chả lụa is just THAT good!

What’s the difference between an egg roll and a spring roll?

In Australia, we don’t really have Egg Rolls on the menu. You’re more likely to find a Spring Roll, which is what we’ve made in this recipe. They’re wrapped in a thin sheet và fried for that signature smooth and golden appearance.

Egg Rolls, on the other hand, are wrapped using a thicker sheet and the outside will be bubbly rather than smooth. For Egg Rolls, they come slightly chewy and crisp as you bite into them, not flaky và crunchy like Spring Rolls.

The fillings vary from place lớn place, so there’s no real divide between the two types. The biggest difference really comes down to lớn their outer appearance!

Which wrappers should I use?


You can buy premade chả lụa wrappers in the fridge of Asian supermarkets. They come in two types, (1) with egg và (2) without egg. There are a often two sizes to choose from, where one is roughly 12cm (4.7″) wide & a bigger one about double that.

We used the smaller ones, but you can choose whichever you prefer. The larger the wrapper, the more filling you can add.

To prepare them for use, gently peel each layer apart and leave them in a pile under damp paper or a kitchen towel. If you have helping hands, it’s a great opportunity khổng lồ get them involved, just lượt thích you would for recipes like Wonton Egg Noodle Soup (港式云吞面) or Taro & Sweet Potato Balls Dessert (九份芋圓).

Some families also use rice paper, which is what we use for our Gỏi Cuốn (Rice Paper Rolls) & Bánh Tráng Trộn (Rice Paper Salad).

Regardless if whether you’re making or eating Vietnamese Spring Rolls, they’re the perfect snack lớn bond over!


Why this recipe works

Using taro keeps the filling moist while adding tons of nutty aromas.Each vegetable is julienned so the flavors set in well with each other.The seasoning is kept light & simple to ensure all the vegetables really shine.We showroom pork fat cubes to địa chỉ cửa hàng fragrant juices lớn the center.

What you’ll need

For the filling


About the ingredients

All of the vegetables for giò lụa can be found in Asian supermarkets. Make sure khổng lồ peel each and cut them into thin strips or use a julienne peeler.

To buy the pork fat, ask the butcher for it. They generally have it in the freezer and might even give it for không tính tiền if you buy a lot of other things. If you don’t want khổng lồ use this, swap it with more mince.

For the seasoning


About the seasoning

Chả Giò can be eaten just as it is or dipped with a Vietnamese Dipping Sauce (Nước Mắm). If you plan lớn use a dip, make sure to lớn adjust the seasoning to taste so that it’s not too salty when paired with the sauce.

How to make this recipe

Making the filling


Mix all the filling and seasoning ingredients together in a large mixing bowl.

Pro Tip: Use plastic glad wrap lớn cover the bowl’s vị trí cao nhất as you wrap so that it doesn’t become dry during the process. This also means you can seal it for the fridge if you don’t kết thúc up using it all.

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How to lớn wrap a spring roll


Put the wrapper on the plate with a corner pointing lớn you. Spoon about 1 50% tsp of the filling into the center of the wrapper and squeeze it lớn make a log.


Fold the bottom corner up and over the mince, then pull the log gently towards you to lớn remove any air bubbles.


Fold the left và right corners into the center.

Note: Wrap the wrapper all the way to lớn each over of the log so there are no gaps. Keep in mind that the shape of your mince log will determine how long your chả giò ends up being.


Roll tightly from the bottom up until there’s a small triangle left.


Dip your finger into the egg white and smear some of it on the tip of the triangle.


Complete the roll by rolling it upward until you have a sealed Chả Giò. Place each finished one on a plate or a tray to lớn fry.

Note: If you don’t plan on frying them straight away, pack them into freeze-safe bags and let them freeze until you’re ready khổng lồ cook them.

Bring the oil in a pot lớn a medium-high heat & gently place the spring rolls in to cook for 5 minutes or until golden.

Enjoy them fresh as is or serve it with a classic Vietnamese Dipping Sauce (Nước Mắm)!

How long can I keep chả giò frozen for?

If sealed well, you’re looking at about 1 month, 2 tops. You won’t need to defrost them before frying, but factor in their frozen state and fry them for longer so the center is cooked.

Can I bake them instead?

Definitely! phối the oven lớn 180°C/350°F for the fan/convection setting or 200°C/400°F for standard. They will need khổng lồ bake for about 20-30 minutes, depending on your oven.Make sure khổng lồ coat them well with oil (e.g. Using the spray version) so they crisp up better. Also rotate them at the 15 minute mark lớn develop an even golden coat.

Can I use an air fryer?

Yes, you can! These will need about 10 minutes in the air fryer. Turn them at the halfway mark khổng lồ cook evenly.

Tips for the best results

Don’t overstuff. The more you put into the center, the more time you’ll need lớn cook. This can run the risk of burning the wrapper while the meat is still raw. It also increases your chances of tearing the spring roll skin.Keep the heat hot but not scorching. Having the oil temperature too high will burn the outside but leave the inside raw. If you notice the oil bubbling too rapidly or starting to spit, turn the heat down until they’re cooking on a medium heat.Avoid overcrowding the pot. Each time a new chả lụa goes in khổng lồ fry, it lowers the oil’s temperature. If it gets too low, you’ll end up boiling the spring rolls rather than getting that signature crispy coating.

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Nothing beats homemade Chả Giò. These Vietnamese Spring Rolls are packed with exciting textures & the outside is fried until crisp!
For The Filling▢ 500 g / 1.1 lb pork mince▢ 200 g / 0.4 lb shrimp (minced using a cleaver)▢ 30 g / 0.07 lb shiitake mushroom (rehydrated & cut into thin strips)▢ 10 g / 0.02 lb woodear mushroom (rehydrated and cut into thin strips)▢ 500 g / 1.1 lb taro (cut into thin strips)▢ 100 g / 0.2 lb carrot (cut into thin strips)▢ 100 g / 0.2 lb jicama (cut into thin strips)▢ trăng tròn g / 0.04 lb green bean thread (soaked in cool water & drained until dry)▢ 200 g / 0.4 lb pork fat (cut into cubes)▢ 3 red shallots (finely chopped)▢ 1 onion (finely chopped)
For The Seasoning▢ 3 tsp sugar (or khổng lồ taste)▢ 1 3/4 tbsp salt (or khổng lồ taste)▢ một nửa tbsp pepper▢ 1/2 tbsp chicken bouillon powder▢ 1 tbsp fish sauce▢ 2 tbsp oil▢ 2 eggs
Other▢ 5 packets spring roll wrapper (one packet has roughly 50, depending on the brand)▢ 1 egg white (for sealing each roll)▢ cooking oil (for frying)