How to make coconut taro ice cream: a classic thai dessert

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A comforting và warm dessert of tender taro (kalo) pieces slowly simmered in sweet (with just a hint of salt!) coconut milk. Sprinkle with sesame seeds for an extra nice cảm biến ^_^

Taro With Coconut Milk, ready lớn eat ^_^

Taro (Kalo) With Coconut Milk

This dessert combines two popular Hawaii ingredients: taro (kalo) and coconut milk.

Kalo is the Hawaiian word for Taro.

Both words are used in Hawaii. A restaurant catered towards visitors might danh sách a menu dish using the word taro. But a more local spot might use the word kalo for that same dish.

Taro is the more common name, but in recent years, we’ve seen kalo being used more and more frequently. There’s even a great dessert cửa hàng on Oahu called Kalo Bombs.

Lots of taro is grown in Hawaii (many say the best taro is grown on Kauai island) and we have endless sweet và savory taro dishes…like Kulolo!

Fresh taro root (uncooked).

Why This Recipe Works

This recipe is simple, elegant, và straightforward. It centers around fresh (or frozen) taro.

If using frozen taro, it should already be cubed và ready to lớn cook. If using fresh taro, please make sure lớn wash, peel, and cube the taro before starting the recipe.

Taro & coconut are two complimentary flavors and this dessert draws from multiple cultures. It’s a little:

Chinese – like taro tapioca.Samoan – Almost like a sweet version of Fa’alifu.

…and 100% Hawaii! When we say Hawaii is a melting pot of many cultures, we are not kidding ^_^

The cooked taro is slowly simmered with a can of coconut milk và sweetened with (just a little) sugar.

The taro gets really tender và coated with the slightly thickened coconut milk. It melts in your mouth.

Salt stirred in towards the over of cooking gives balance khổng lồ the whole dessert. Salt is a key ingredient for any dessert that uses coconut milk!

Ingredients for Taro With Coconut Milk.

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Taro (kalo), cubed – Because taro is grown in Hawaii, it is fairly easy to lớn find at nearly all Hawaii supermarkets. We can even get par-cooked & already cubed taro & frozen taro! #luckywelivehawaii ^_^. If you’re on the mainland, check Chinese supermarkets for fresh taro. Sometimes Japanese markets will also have fresh taro.

Step by Step Directions

Got all your ingredients? Let’s get cooking!

Get a medium sized pot. Steam or boil the taro pieces until they are tender (easily pierced with a toothpick). This should take about 20 minutes.

Then pour out the water và place the taro pieces back into the same pot.

Turn the heat to low and pour in the can of coconut milk (make sure to mô tả the coconut milk can before opening, otherwise all the good thick stuff aka the coconut cream can get stuck khổng lồ the bottom of the can).

Gently mix và then place the lid on the pot. Simmer on low heat for đôi mươi minutes, stirring occasionally.

Tip: Try lớn stir gently so that the corners of the taro pieces don’t break off. It’s ok if it they vì chưng (will still taste delicious!), but it’s much prettier if you can keep the pieces fully intact.

Add sugar and salt to lớn taste. Start with the amount of salt called for in the recipe, & feel miễn phí to địa chỉ cửa hàng more if desired.

Tip: Adding salt is KEY to lớn this recipe. Whenever you use coconut milk for a dessert, you always need to add a bit of salt. The salt doesn’t make this dish salty, but it emphasizes and brings out the rich coconut flavors.

Try a spoonful of the dessert before adding salt. Try another spoonful after adding the salt. Taste the difference? It’s makes it so much more amazing.

Simmer for another 5 minutes. Spoon into individual dessert bowls and serve hot. Enjoy ^_^

Taro With Coconut Milk, a sprinkle of sesame seeds to lớn top.

FAQs & Tips

What are other popular Hawaii desserts?

We love sweets in Hawaii! We usually enjoy a mix of local desserts, Hawaiian desserts, và many other Asian desserts (stay tuned for more taro recipes Hawaii). These are a few go-to recipes: – Rainbow Jello – Local-Style Custard Pie – Banana Tapioca (Che Chuoi) – Coffee Jelly – Purple Sweet Potato Tapioca – Sparkling Strawberry Agar Agar – Li Hing Pickled Mango – this counts both as a snack & a dessert 😉 – Li Hing Gummy Bears – Haupia (Hawaiian Coconut Pudding) – Strawberry-Haupia Agar Agar – Almond Tofu – Vietnamese Mung Bean Dessert (Che Dau Xanh) – Osmanthus and Goji Agar Agar – Butter Mochi