How to make a pandan chiffon cake


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Easily make this delightfully sweet Pandan Cake right in your Instant Pot! This Indonesian dessert is wonderfully soft, moist, & crazy delicious.


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Why Pandan Cake Is The Cake You Never Knew You Needed

Have you ever seen a more beautiful dessert in your life? This doesn"t even need food coloring lớn make it this gorgeous green, because Pandan extract makes this Pandan Cake this màu sắc naturally.

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What is Pandan?

It"s a lovely green extract that has a chất lượng flavor. Some say it"s like an exotic vanilla with a fresh herbal overtone. Others say words can"t describe the flavor, và to just enjoy it. I say it"s delicious and try lớn use it in as many things as possible!

Pandan is an exotic plant that grows in Southeast Asia and the extract is made from the leaves. It"s commonly used to lớn flavor desserts like this Pandan Cake in that area"s cuisine.

Can You Bake A Chiffon Cake In The Instant Pot?

Despite what you may think, baking in the Instant Pot is not only easy, but makes incredible food. This Pandan cake, & any of the cakes I"ve made in my Instant Pot, doesn"t turn out soggy, but is beautifully moist & fully cooked at the same time.

Why Does Chiffon Cake Have A Hole In The Middle?

Chiffon cake is traditionally baked in a bundt pan to help the delicate batter rise.

If you try baking this cake in a larger pan without a hole in the middle, the weight of the cake may cause the cake to lớn sink in the middle.

What Is Pandan Cake Made Of?

Except for the pandan extract, you likely already have all of the ingredients you need for this yummy Chiffon Cake in your kitchen!

Here"s what you"ll need:

Granulated sugar

How lớn Make Pandan Cake

Add dry ingredients.

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địa chỉ in flour & baking powder và blend lớn a smooth batter. Pour. Pour the batter into the prepared pan and cover with foil. Cook. Close the lid & select PRESSURE COOK on HIGH for đôi mươi minutes. Allow the pot khổng lồ rest undisturbed for 10 minutes, and then release all remaining pressure.

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I"m so excited for you to try this Instant Pot Pandan Cake! It"s unlike any other cake you"ve eaten, and I"m sure you"re going to lớn love it! Make sure to tóm tắt this recipe with your friends on Pinterest và Facebook so they can enjoy it as well!