Simple Homemade Donut Recipe

Golden pillow-y soft homemade donuts with the perfect sweet glaze! Your kids are going lớn flip when you make this donut recipe at home!

Can you please explain donuts to me? I grew up writing, doughnuts, but always see “donuts” these days. Which is it?


Growing up Christmas Eve was all about tradition at our house. We’d spent all month preparing gifts (5 kids meant we each drew a name và bought for that person), serving and serving as much as we could in our town & church, making goodies for neighbors & gifts for friends at school, và finally Christmas Eve.

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Christmas Eve was a holiday dinner usually composed of ham & potatoes. Mom said she preferred it that way so that Christmas Day could be about noshing all day on leftovers all Thanksgiving style thus allowing for total relaxation even for Mom. Then we’d play games, read the same Christmas Books and all while filling ourselves on homemade donuts.

I never loved the donuts, they weren’t quite fluffy and sweet enough for me, but now, well now I can’t resist!!


Ingredients Needed for Homemade Donuts

The ingredients are straightforward and totally simple! No surprises! Here are the ingredients that you will need:


FlourSugarInstant YeastWhole MilkWaterSaltEggsButterShortening (or lard)Vegetable OilWooden Dowel


Powdered SugarWaterVanilla

The measurements for each ingredient are listed in the recipe card at the end of the post.


How khổng lồ Make a Homemade Glazed Donut Recipe

Now this is going to lớn look like a lot of steps at first glance, but this recipe is simple and super fun. My kids love helping with all the steps. It is a great recipe lớn get kids of all ages helping with different steps:

Prepare the Dough

Scald the milk.Add the milk to lớn a glass measuring cup with the water.Add the yeast & some sugar to lớn activate.Using a stand mixer, add the flour and sugar & mix to lớn combine.Slowly địa chỉ the yeast mixture, then add the salt & eggs.Add the butter và shortening & knead everything together using the hook attachment on the stand mixer.Transfer to a lightly oiled bowl, flip the dough so the whole thing is covered in oil, cover và let it rise.

Shape the Donuts

Remove from fridge và roll out on a greased surface.Place parchment and grease two baking sheets.Using a donut cutter, cut out the donuts.Place the donuts on the baking sheets, cover and let rise.Prepare the glaze by whisking everything together.Place a casserole dish on the counter with two short cups on either side và get a long wooden dowel ready.Heat the oil for frying in a dutch oven. Keep the temperature of the oil at 350 degrees.

Fry và Glaze the Donuts

Cut the parchment paper between all the donuts. Lift one donut using the parchment paper to lớn lift & gently turn it over into the oil.PRO TIP: Only cook a few donuts at a time so you don’t overcrowd the pan và lower the oil temperature.Cook for a minute or so & then flip. Cook another minute và then remove the donut to lớn the paper towel baking sheets.Allow the donuts khổng lồ cool slightly, then dip on all sides in the glaze. String them along the dowel that has been elevated between the two cups. Allow the glaze lớn dip off into the casserole dish.PRO TIP: If you don’t have a wooden dowel, just dip the donuts in the glaze & place them on a cooling rack over parchment paper to drip and cool.When the drips have stopped, move the donuts to lớn a cooling rack.Enjoy!

All these instructions can be found in the recipe thẻ below. The recipe card can be saved or printed.


What vị I vì with the Excess Dough Pieces?

With the extra dough pieces, you have a few options. Save the donut holes and deep fry and dip them for delicious little bites. With the pieces in between the cut donuts, let the rest for about 15 minutes và then pull them together and roll them out again and cut the donuts.

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You can also just keep the dough in all their crazy shapes & deep fry them. My kids think they are so fun!

Why Does the Dough Need lớn Chill for So Long?

Definitely bởi not skip the chilling time. It is critical khổng lồ get the fluffiest donuts. The butter in the dough needs the time lớn solidify. The chilling time in this donut recipe also helps the donuts keep their shape through the rising and frying process.

The chilling time overnight also makes for the perfect timing so you can have fresh donuts for breakfast!


What is the Best Temperature for Frying Donuts?

Frying dough happens best at 350-375 degrees. I highly recommend using a candy thermometer khổng lồ maintain the proper temperature.

What Type of Oil Should Be Used lớn Fry Donuts?

We prefer the taste of vegetable oil, but you can also use peanut oil or canola oil. You’ll need about 8-10 cups of oil for this donut recipe depending on the form size of your dutch oven.

Can I Use an Air Fryer lớn Fry the Donuts?

Yes, they work quite well in the air fryer! Preheat your air fryer lớn 350 degrees và spray the basket with cooking spray. Place donuts in the air fryer in a single layer. Spray the vị trí cao nhất of the donuts with cooking spray và cook for about 4 minutes. Repeat with the remaining donuts and glaze as written in the instructions.


Glaze Variations

If you want to lớn jazz things up a bit, try adding ingredients to the glaze:

Chocolate – địa chỉ a couple teaspoons of cocoaCoconut – showroom 1/4 teaspoon coconut extract instead of vanillaLemon – add a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice instead of vanillaMaple – địa chỉ a half teaspoon of maple syrup or maple extra/flavoring instead of vanillaColors – add a few drops of food coloring khổng lồ make fun colors

How vì You Reheat Donuts?

Reheat for 6-12 seconds in the microwave.

Can You Freeze Donuts?

Yes, to freeze wrap well in foil or place in a heavy duty freezer bag and freeze for up lớn 3 months.

How Long Will Donuts Keep?

Donuts will keep for 3-4 days. Store in an airtight container at room temperature.


There’s no need lớn head khổng lồ the local bakery on Saturday morning for a donut run. You can make this donut recipe in the comfort of your own home and make memories with your family! They are tender, fluffy, rich with just the right amount of sweetness from the glaze. Doughnuts or donuts…it doesn’t matter! It’s homemade donut time!

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