Pineapple cake recipe

I mean, what"s not to love about it right? Caramel..delicious! Pineapple..delicious! Cake..double delicious!


So today I"m sharing this easy caramel pineapple cake. Soft and moist pineapple cake layered with cream cheese frosting and pineapple chunks and bathe in caramel. Oh la la! This recipe has a few steps to lớn it but every step is so simple. Don"t you worry. Now let"s start shall we?

The cake

I"m using my lemon yogurt cake recipe for this cake, with some adjustments here and there. I"m using pineapple greek yogurt lớn give it that pineapple touch. Later on when assembling the cake, I"m using chopped pineapple to lớn highlight the flavour.

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This cake is really moist và soft. If you"ve tried my lemon yogurt cake, then you"ll know what I"m talking about.

Dry Ingredients

If you watch the video you"ll see that I cut all around my cakes. I wanted to lớn reduce the domey surface without having lớn cut the dome top off. You can skip this part of course. It"s just me being crazy as my husband says.

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Wet Ingredients

The caramel sauce

Yes! This caramel sauce is so delicious and versatile. I"ve used it on myclementine loaf cake. It"s so easy khổng lồ prepare và doesn"t take long at all. For this recipe I"ve added some salt lớn give it that salty touch. Yum yum!

Salted Caramel Sauce Ingredients

The cream cheese frosting

So if you"ve been reading my ramblings on my posts, maybe you noticed that I"m always talking about how hot it is in my place when the heat comes. Well it already came. Baking in this heat is not that fun for several reasons.

It"s freaking hot in the kitchen with the oven and everything. Và the frosting gets soft so fast. So in this recipe I"m changing my frosting recipe a bit. I"m using gelatin lớn help it phối without relying so much on the cream cheese. Và I"m loving it!

Cream Cheese Frosting Ingredients

If you"re living in a hot place, maybe you would want to lớn give this cream cheese frosting a try. It"s worth it.

This cake is perfect for get togethers or when you"re feeling a bit fancy. I hope you give it a try. Enjoy!

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Recipe Video

Soft and moist pineapple cake layered with creamy cream cheese frosting and pineapple chunks & then bathe in caramel. Oh la la! Try it