Vietnamese pork recipes, ways to cook popular dishes

To make delicious sweet và sour ribs in the right way, you need to choose the tenderloin ribs, rib cartilage with lots of cartilage, ruddy, lots of meat, low fat.

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- Ribs bought và washed. - Chop into bite-sized pieces. - Marinate the ribs with 1 teaspoon sugar and 50% teaspoon salt for 10 minutes.
- Done, fry the ribs khổng lồ ripen, when the ribs are found khổng lồ be okay. - Minced garlic - Shredded shallots
- Prepare 1 bowl for 4 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of salt, 1 spoon of vinegar & a little water, stir the mixture (if you lượt thích spicy can add ground chili) - Put the pan on the stove, when the oil is hot, garlic onion In Africa, then for fried tomatoes. - add chops và sauces, low heat

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When visiting Thap Muoi land, you not only enjoy the beauty but the nature favored for this Sen region, but you must definitely enjoy the rustic dishes of the region. The country-flavored dishes from the skillful hands of the hospitable people will make your visit more complete.

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Sắm tết tại siêu thị Tết Phước Lộc Thọ, tổ chức triển khai làm bánh bác bỏ ngày Tết, làm mâm cỗ ngày Tết,… là hình hình ảnh Tết Việt trên đất Mỹ của những người bé xa quê hương Việt Nam.

Vietnam has traditions khổng lồ celebrate Tet, which are still preserved. The grandparents taught that "there is a sacred church, there is abstinence in linen", so eating and drinking in the first days of the year has many limitations & must be known lớn avoid the rest of the year not as expected.

To be able to prepare the best food, you need to know how lớn preserve them best. Let's learn these good tips that nước ta Cooking has provided for you.

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