Chinese Sweet And Sour Ribs Recipe


There’s just no beating the flavour combination of sweet và sour; it’s simple, inexpensive, rustic, and delicious. Sweet and Sour Braised Beef Ribs are easy lớn prepare và delightfully indulgent!


I’m a huge fan of sweet và sour, which is why I decided khổng lồ make these Sweet and Sour Braised Beef Ribs. That’s probably why we used khổng lồ order Chinese food at least once a month. Chinese food has such a wonderful selection of sweet và sour dishes. But, I’m no stranger lớn creating my own sweet and sour recipes, or adapting sweet and sour recipes I find on the mạng internet to suit my own personal tastes.

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The first time I attempted this recipe was in 2018. I know this, because for some reason, I wrote the date on my recipe card. I don’t know why I did that, because I never write on my recipes. The only thing I can think of is that the date was the day I was going to hit publish on the recipe. It’s the only logical reason, right!?

I mentioned that I love sweet & sour and you can find many of those types of recipes here at Lord Byron’s Kitchen. First, every home cook must have a Sweet and Sour Sauce recipe. This one is super easy & you can use it for just about anything! It has pineapple juice in it, so you know it’s super delicious! While you’re at it, you might consider my Sweet & Sour Chicken or my Sweet & Sour Cauliflower too!

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Prior to the pandemic, one of our favourite weekend activities as a family was to siêu thị our local Asian supermarkets. It became a thing for us to do. McKenna had developed quite the flair for everything Asian, which was the result of her love for K-Pop music. Anyway, I’ve always been a tín đồ of Asian markets, because there’s just so much awe-inspiring foods. I love the diversity và I love the idea of trying new foods.

We had driven lớn one of the markets on a Saturday afternoon to satisfy McKenna’s craving for those chocolate covered sticks, which I think are called Pocky? And, she absolutely loves ramen. Now, I vày not cook ramen from scratch at home. Maybe some day I will try to vì so, but for now, I know the art of ramen is complex. I’m quite happy to satisfy McKenna’s ramen cravings with a visit to lớn an Asian market where she can stock up on a large variety of instant ramen noodle packets.

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While she spends most of her time (and enthusiasm) in the ramen section, I head off to look at the various cuts of meat, fish, poultry, etc., at the back of the store where the butcher is none khổng lồ shy of his cutting, slicing, & carving skills. That’s where I happened to lớn find that beef short ribs were the special of the day. I bought as many as I could carry. Ok, well not that many, but it was certainly more than I needed.

Where’s John.e in this episode of Lord Byron’s Parables, you might be asking yourself. Well, the vegetarian – the same one who doesn’t like the ramen section, because it’s too close to lớn the butcher – is usually near the front of the store where they keep cookies, crackers, và canned goods. Sometimes he hangs out with McKenna in the Pocky section while waiting for me to lớn leave the meat section.



In the previous section, I mentioned that beef ribs can be pricey, depending on where you shop. I found the ribs you see in the photos at Ottawa Valley Meats. The beef ribs are grass fed and cut into the English Style that I previously mentioned. Each Beef Rib is hand-cut, quickly flash-frozen và vacuum packed, so they are always super fresh when they get lớn you. Và finally, the beef is raised locally và perfectly dry-aged for 28 days to lớn enhance the already full flavour.

If you are in Ontario, be sure to kiểm tra out Ottawa Valley Meats. I absolutely love the chất lượng of the beef, as well as the chicken and the seafood too! The prices are very competitive và they deliver right khổng lồ your door! It’s a great way lớn stock up, especially with the upcoming colder months when everyone seems to cook heartier meals!

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