Burnt garlic fried rice recipe

2 Cups Basmati Rice450 Gms Boneless chicken (boiled và shredded/cut)3 Eggs1/4 Cup Red chilly flakes (alter as per preference)100 Gms Garlic (chopped fine)1 Bundle Spring onions (chopped fine)1 Tspn Soya Sauce1/2 Tspn Pepper powderSalt (as per taste)1/2 Tspn Ajinomoto (optional)3 Tbspn Oil (to showroom while boiling the rice)4 Tbspn Oil (to cook the fried rice)2 Tbspn Salt (to địa chỉ cửa hàng while boiling the rice)

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Note: the rice does not have to be fully cooked. It should be cooked about 60% only because while it is cooling, with it’s heat, it further cooks & while tossing, it cooks even further! So, if the rice is fully cooked or over cooked, the fried rice will be very mushy và that’s something nobody really enjoys!

Gently using the back of a fork, separate the rice grains & allow the rice lớn completely cool at room temperature

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Here I have used left over chicken that I had fried for my chilly chicken but usually I use boiled chicken
Then địa chỉ cửa hàng in the rice, spring onions, chicken, ajinomoto, salt, pepper powder và soya sauce and mix it well but ensure not to lớn press the rice or else it will get smashed
Note: the kích thước of the Wok will depend on the quantity of rice. If the Wok is small, you will not be able lớn toss it well and the rice may turn mushy
If for whatever reason you feel that the rice is sticking khổng lồ each other, you can sprinkle some oil before tossing
All this should be done on High flame. Chinese food tastes best when it has a slight burnt flavour to lớn it
Turn off the flame và transfer the Burnt Chilly Garlic Rice in another vessel so that it doesn’t get any more heat or else the rice will get over cooked and soft
You can make burnt chilly garlic rice using Prawns, Mushrooms, squids, Chicken, Beef, whatever you like.
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