The Best Peach Iced Tea


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Stay cool in the heat this summer with this super refreshing Peach Iced Tea. A really naturally sweet and fruity drink that is great for serving up lớn a crowd. A must at any summer BBQ or garden party, & you could even make an adult batch with a splash of rum too. Made with just 5 ingredients in under 10 minutes.

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It couldn"t be easier khổng lồ make this homemade Iced Tea. Fresh ripe juicy peaches are heated with sweetened water và then mashed và strained và added to lớn freshly brewed (and cooled) tea with plenty of ice. If you are looking for new ways lớn stay hydrated và make water more exciting, then iced tea is the way khổng lồ go.

If you are looking for some other ways to enjoy peaches, then why not try our Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon & Honey, Peach Smoothie or Grilled Peach Salad.

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Why you will love it

Low calories - Just 45 calories a glass and do delicious! Easy lớn make a big batch for a party - các buổi tiệc nhỏ guests will LOVE this & it"s easy lớn double the batch. Great with a splash of rum - Make an adult version by adding some dark rum. A delicious way to lớn use seasonal peaches - Make the most of peach season with a big jug of this.
Peaches - This is best made when peaches are in season. In the UK that is July khổng lồ September. This will give you the best flavour lớn your iced tea. Water - You will need both cold & boiling Honey - This is how we have sweetened the peach iced tea. You could swap it for maple syrup if you wanted this lớn be vegan. Tea bags - We went with a good Yorkshire tea. You can use your favourite đen tea bags though, or even a flavoured tea or even a green tea. I think it"s best khổng lồ go with something that doesn"t really have much flavour, as you want to lớn peach lớn be the main flavour shining through. Ice - It"s not iced tea without it!

A full ingredients danh sách with measurements is in the recipe thẻ below.

How to lớn make peach iced tea - Step by step

One: Put the cold water, peaches & honey in a pan and bring lớn the boil. Simmer for about 15 minutes, until the skin starts to come off.


Two: Meanwhile, add the tea bags to lớn the boiling water và leave to lớn steep for 10 minutes. Remove the tea bags và allow the tea to cool.


Three: Put a fine sieve over a bowl và pour the peach mixture in. Using a wooden spoon, mash down the peaches in khổng lồ a pulp, so as much juice goes through the sieve into the water in the bowl.

Four: You will be left with delicious peach water. Don"t throw the pulp away, as it can be added to smoothies or our Homemade BBQ Sauce.

Five: Pour the tea in to lớn a jug and put in the fridge khổng lồ cool.

Six: top up with the peach water and địa chỉ lots of ice.

Health benefits of peaches

Peaches are a good source ofiron, folate và vitamins K và E. Not only that, but they are super sweet when they are ripe & in season, so you don"t need to use any other sweetener (although you can if you like your smoothie super sweet).

How lớn choose a peach

Before you even get lớn cooking the peach, you need khổng lồ have chosen the perfect peach. You want it lớn be firm, but just ripe. Basically, not really hard or squishy - somewhere in between.

You want it khổng lồ be firm enough to handle being grilled và not fall to lớn pieces, but also ripe enough so it has flavour - but the grilling will help with that.

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How to lớn cut a peach

Cutting a peach is a bit lượt thích cutting an avocado, or any stone fruit really. First you need to run a knife round the edge and then twist it open. Peaches have a natural seam, so it"s best to lớn follow that with your knife.

Once you have twisted it open, you will have two halves và the stone will have been revealed. Lớn remove it, simply take a melon baller or a small ice cream scoop và scoop it out. You can"t just stick a knife in khổng lồ it and wiggle it out lượt thích you can with an avocado, as the pit of a peach is more fragile và it will fall apart.

Adding alcohol

This is a great non-alcoholic drink khổng lồ enjoy during the summer. However, if you want to showroom a splash of booze for a party, then rum is the way to lớn go. We have used white rum & spiced dark rum & they both work well. A jug of rum iced tea certainly goes down well at a party.


You can keep this in an air tight container in the fridge for up khổng lồ 3 days. However, it is best enjoyed on the day it is made.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use canned peaches?

You can use canned peaches to lớn save some time with chopping, however they tend lớn taste a bit syrupy (even the ones in fruit juice), so we go with fresh.

Can peach iced tea be made in advance?

Yes, this is a great drink lớn make in advance a you can cool it in the fridge và then just showroom the ice before serving. If you want a stronger flavour, then you can cold brew the tea (add the tea bags to cold water rather than boiling), but this will take about 6 hours.

Can I make sugar miễn phí peach iced tea?

You can swap the honey for a sweetener if you prefer.

Is peach iced tea vegan?

If you swap the honey for maple syrup then this can be a vegan recipe.

Extra tips

This isn"t an overly sweet iced tea, as we used just a couple of tablespoons of honey, but feel không tính tiền to use more if you lượt thích a really sweet tea. You can use maple syrup instead too. We used black tea bags for this, however you could use a flavoured tea or a green tea. Want to make an adult version of this? A splash of trắng or spiced dark rum is really good. This can be made in advance and then kept in the fridge. The addition of herbs is lovely in this too. Thyme và mint are my favourites lớn add, as they go really well with peaches. Depending on how ripe your peaches are, you may want to lớn adjust the sweetness.