How To Make Homemade Caramel Ized Sugarr Recipe

The process of how khổng lồ caramelize sugar is quite a simple one và is the start of many dessert sauces & candies.

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The technique may seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it it will xuất hiện the door khổng lồ many new recipes to lớn master! 


The Stages of Caramelized Sugar

Once most all of the water is evaporated off (even if you use the dry method sugar does contain some water that will evaporate off), the sugar moves into the caramelization stages. A candy thermometer can be used to lớn measure the exact temperature of the caramelized sugar, but your eyes and nose are your best tools to judge when it is ready. Stay close by & watch the process of your sugar caramelizing very closely.

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Once it starts lớn brown it can move from nutty and rich to lớn black and bitter very quickly.

Baking Science Fact: Granulated sugar is a very simple bond of glucose and fructose. As heat is applied khổng lồ the sugar this bond breaks và the two molecules separate out. As even more heat is applied, these molecules begin forming bonds with countless other molecules & the ending result is the complex flavored brown liquid known as caramelized sugar.

Light Caramel340°F170°CFor Syrups, Light Caramel Color, Adds Flavor
Medium Caramel355-360°F180-182°CSpun Sugar, Sugar Cages, Medium Caramel Syrup
Dark Caramel375-380°F188-190°CIce Creams, Caramel Sauce
Black Caramel392°F200°CCaramel coloring
Burnt CaramelAnything over 392°FAnything over 200°CCompletely burnt and unusable for anything