Phan thiet delicacy is famous for tourists from near and far

Spade fish salad, phở fish, grilled squid teeth… are famous dishes that you cannot miss when visiting this well-known sea đô thị – Phan Thiết. Let us start this food journey khổng lồ know more about Best Vietnamese Food. Spade fish salad (Gỏi cá mai) is the first dish we will discover. These fishes are abundant in middle Vietnam sea. Its shape is similar lớn Long-jawed anchovy but there is a silver fish scales và these fishes have no blood so it does not smell at all. Preparing this dish is quite simple but still it is our Best Vietnamese Food. First, you clean the fish and remove the scales, cut off the head and tail, use a knife lớn dissect the fillet, remove the bone, và cook the fish rarely by vinegar or lemon juice. The vegetables are diversified: sliced carrot, shallot, basil, minced laksa leaves, roasted peanuts… Next, you can mix all the ingredients together, địa chỉ a little bit of fish sauce with lemon, garlic & chillies… Finally, you can adjust the taste & enjoy the salad with rice paper.

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Spade fish salad (Gỏi cá mai)
The second dish you cannot miss is deep fried loi fish in pork grease (cá lồi xối mỡ). This is such a simple dish with just one steamed Loi fish with rice paper and yet it has been always the very first dish appear on every single thực đơn in Phan Thiết. One tip for the food lovers, you should only choose those fishes only weighted from 1 to lớn 2 kilogram. First, you use the knife khổng lồ shave off the grease or citronella to crush. Next, you need lớn remove all the fish guts, wash it with salt water. Third, slice the fish then steam it. Fourth, fry the minced spring onions. Finally, when you serve the dish, you can put the fish on a plate, pour grease and onion on top, sprinkle some roasted peanuts and eat with rice paper, vegetables and sauce.
Deep fried Loi fish in pork grease (Cá lồi xối mỡ)
There is no doubt that Vietnamese Crepe (Bánh Xèo) is one of our Best Vietnamese Food. In Phan Thiết, you can ask your tour guide khổng lồ get lớn Tuyên quang đãng street lớn enjoy this dish. This food street is specialised in making this recipe và all the restaurants here are qualified.
Vietnamese crepe (Bánh Xèo)

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If you want something different, then Căn Cakes (Bánh căn) are perfect substitute & still it is definitely one of our Best Vietnamese Food. Căn cakes are put many styles of food lượt thích shrimp, meat, và green bean. The miniature fried cake is put only shrimp on the surface cake. People here have many sauces to lớn enjoy Căn Cakes like sweet fish sauce, seasoning sauce or broth with peanuts and they usually eat it with herbs. Suggested Places: Bà Xù House on Ngư Ông Street or Number 8 Hải Thượng Street.

You may be surprise with the main ingredients but we guarantee once you try grilled squid teeth (răng mực nướng), you will understand why it should be on your danh mục of Best Vietnamese Food. It depends on your request that the cook will grill, fry or stir fry. Nguyen Tat Thanh Street would be the place for you to look for the dish.

In Phan Thiết, the most famous restaurant is on Nguyễn Đình Chiểu street named Viet Nam trang chủ and this place serve one best dish. It is called grilled Vietnamese iguana (dông đất nướng). Once you taste it, you would understand why it is one of our Best Vietnamese Food. Besides grilling, there are others such as: Vietnamese iguana sausage, salad or porridge. They are all delicious và unforgettable.
Finally, how do you feel? There have many amazing food in my country, especially this beach city, right? If you love beach and prepare lớn visit Vietnam, why don’t you choose this thành phố to your destination? Hope you will have an amazing time with family and friends in my lovely country and enjoy as much as you can with Best Vietnamese Food as well. From Vietnamese Food Team.