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Whilst living in Saigon, I often found myself eating at restaurants specialising in Hue food. The type of food differed khổng lồ other Vietnamese cuisine, và eating at these vendors gave me an insight into what to lớn eat in Hue if, và when, I was lucky enough khổng lồ visit the central coast city.

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The đô thị of Hue was the capital of Vietnam between 1802 & 1945, và although there are a great many legacies from this time, the food of Hue developed over time lớn please the appetites of the kings, emperors, và their many wives.

Hue food can range from delicate & petite dishes through to the flavourful & fiery, and when deciding on what khổng lồ eat in Hue, variety is key lớn gaining a better understanding of the local food.

Hue Food – What to Eat in Hue

Bun Bo Hue at Dong bố Market


Bun Bo Hue from Dong bố Market – a classic Hue food

On my first morning in Hue, I crossed the wonderfully named Perfume River, on the historical Truong Tien bridge, towards the Dong ba Market, where I would achieve one of my food goals, eating a bowl of Bun Bo Hue, in Hue.

Sure, it may seem a little frivolous, but having eaten this fiery noodle soup every week when living in Saigon, the chance lớn eat it at the source was an experience I needed to have.

Dong cha market is typical of Vietnamese markets. Narrow walkways, packed stalls, seafood & meat displayed out in the open, non-la wearing ladies braving the sun, và food stalls keeping workers và customers full.

After exploring the market, it was to lớn one of these food stalls I went to eat, & as I approached, the vendor simply asked me “Bun Bo Hue”? and I answered “yes”, with a little grin on my face.

I also ordered a coffee, & settled at a table with an older local lady who was just finishing her breakfast.

Despite the name of the dish including Bo, which means beef, the meat component of the dish is quite varied, which can include pork, balls of shrimp & crab, and cubes of congealed pigs blood.

This meat ensemble is added to lớn noodles và a complex broth that has been made by simmering pork & beef bones, và adding a combination of lemongrass, pineapple, chili, and shrimp paste, with the red tinge to the dish coming from the addition of annatto oil.

The dish that morning was all that I could have hoped for. A deep flavour, yet citrusy, a little spicy, a touch sweet, with a long & pleasing aftertaste.

Dong ba Market, 2 Tran Hung Dao, HueOpen 6.00am to 6.00pmA bowl of Bun Bo Hue & coffee 40,000vnd

Nem Lui at Tai Phu


The ingredients of Nem Lui. Ready khổng lồ be rolled up in rice paper.

Nem Lui has similarities to Nem Nuong Dalat, where grilled meats are wrapped in rice paper along with fresh vegetables và herbs, then dipped into a sauce chất lượng to the dish.

I had my first taste of Nem Lui at the well-known local hanh khô restaurant, but had read that the flavour of the meats were more intense at Tai Phu restaurant, where it is the signature dish.

The flavourful Nem Lui sausages are made with ground beef & pork, with added pork skin, sugar, garlic, & fish sauce. The mixture is moulded onto sticks of lemongrass then grilled over charcoal.

The sausages are placed into the rice paper, with a combination of lettuce, cucumber, sliced trai va (a local green fig), pickled carrots và papaya, some herbs added and rolled and dipped into a sauce made with hoisin sauce, peanuts, sesame seeds, shrimp paste, fermented beans, garlic, và shallots.

The range of flavours & textures work very well, và even though the meat was flavourful, I still needed to showroom a little chilli to lớn the sauce.

Tai Phu, corner of Dien Bien Phu and Nguyen Hue Streets, HueOpen 7.15am to lớn 10.00pmA plate of Nem Lui 50,000 vnd

Hanh Restaurant, 11 Duong Pho Duc Chinh, Hue 9.00am khổng lồ 9.30pm A plate of Nem Lui 80,000 vnd

Banh Khoai & Banh Beo at Lac Thien


Banh Khoai after adding vegetables và herbs

A perfect place khổng lồ eat in Hue after visiting the Citadel is Lac Thien, small friendly place within easy walking distance from the Citadel’s eastern exit.

Lac Thien is known for the local Banh Khoai, a crispy pancake that is a smaller & thicker version of Banh Xeo. The pancakes are cooked with pork và shrimp, và arrive at the table mở cửa ready to be filled with vegetables và herbs that have been already placed at the table.

Just lượt thích Banh Xeo, Banh Khoai are a little oily, which helps establish a crispy texture, và is a very filling dish.

I also enjoyed a plate of Banh Beo (main picture), another local snack food that is made with a combination of rice flour và tapioca flour, và topped with dried shrimp, pork crackling, shallots & herbs and served with fish sauce.

Lac Thien, 6 Binh Tien Hoang, HueOpen 10.30am lớn 9.30pmBanh Khoah 25,000vnd Banh Beo 25,000vnd

Banh Ep, Banh Trang Trung, và Banh Loc Chien in Nguyen Du street


Banh Ep before being filled with vegetable and herbs,

Banh Ep is a street food that is mainly eaten by the younger generation in Hue, và although it can be found throughout the city, there is a particular street that is known for this dish.

Nguyen Du is a residential street tucked away in a relatively quiet part of the city. There a number of vendors all offering the same few dishes – Banh Ep, Banh Trang Trung, and Banh Loc Lien.

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I decided to head khổng lồ Nguyen Du Street in the late afternoon lớn beat the rush, only khổng lồ find that, after riding my bike down the length of the street, all the eateries seemed lớn be full.

As I was heading back down the street for a second look, I saw a table being vacated and stopped the motorbike a little bit too quickly, pulling up with a small skid on the road.

Naturally, this drew more attention lớn myself than I was hoping, và as I took my seat there were giggles from the other young customers that seemed khổng lồ go on for a little bit longer than normal. Way khổng lồ make an entrance.

I ordered Banh Ep, which means “flattened cake”, and watched as little balls of dough, that include pork or egg, get flattened và cooked on a griddle, then are topped with green onions for serving. To lớn eat, the flattened cake is topped with pickled vegetables & herbs, rolled up, then dipped into fish sauce.

As I was waiting for the Banh Ep, I snacked on a small roll that was already at the table. It was richly flavoured & quite spicy.


These were little flavour bombs

It wasn’t long after when she brought me a second dish, the Banh Trang Trung, the local variation of the Vietnamese pizza, served slightly differently throughout Vietnam.

I hadn’t ordered the dish, but I guess the vendor figured I wasn’t going lớn fill up on Banh Ep alone. Và of course, she was quite right.


Crispy little Vietnamese pizzas

I don’t know the name of the spot I ate (maybe look for the tyre skid mark) but it is located at about trăng tròn Nguyen Du Street, và just near the Evangelical Church, & although I also don’t know the individual prices for each dish, the bill for the three items came to lớn 23,000 VND.

Bun Hen and Com Hen on Nguyen Cong Tru Street


A bowl of Com Hen that comes with a riot of ingredients. Classic Hue food.

Hen are small clams, & are a specialty dish in central Vietnam. I came to Hue after being in Hoi An, where I had enjoyed a dish of Hen Ron, which is basically a pile of the clams served with rice crackers to lớn use as a scoop.

In Hue, clams served with noodles or rice are popular, và are dishes that contain a lot of different ingredients.

I had a bowl of Com Hen from a vendor near my hotel, và it included quite a few ingredients including rice, clams, peanuts, pork crackling, tiny shrimp, garlic, fish sauce, và a range of herbs.

The dish was served with a clam broth, which I both added khổng lồ the bowl, as well as slurped as a soup.

Street vendor, 57 Nguyen Cong Tru Street (Near laneway lớn Shining Hotel)Closes after lunchA bowl of Com Hen 15,000vnd

Banh Ram It và Ban nam at Hang Me Me


The crackers are very crispy and showroom a welcome texture to the dish

By the time my stay in Hue was almost complete, there was one dish left on my các mục of “what to lớn eat in Hue”, & that was Banh Ram It.

I ended up going to lớn a local restaurant that was inside the main tourist zone, và therefore was likely priced a little higher than a more local eatery.

And although I came here for the Banh Ram It, I ordered a dish of Ban phái mạnh as well.

Banh Ram It, apart from having a cool name, is crispy rice cracker topped with a steamed sticky rice dumpling that includes a mixture of pork and shrimp. The thick rice cracker is what sets the dish apart from some other local dishes that are soft & chewy in nature, just lượt thích the Banh Nam.


Banh nam giới come wrapped in banana leaves, and are more typical Hue food, for me, than Banh Ram It.

Hang Me Me, 14 Vo Thi Sau, HueOpen 8.00a.m lớn 10.00p.m.Banh Ram It 40,000vnd Banh phái nam 40,000vnd

Set meal at khô giòn Restaurant

Hanh Restaurant is a well known eatery in Hue that serves local food, and is very busy each night, with good reason. They have a mix meal that includes a number of local dishes which showcase the local Hue food in a very social atmosphere.

The dishes in the set thực đơn are Banh Beo, Banh Khoai, Nem Lui, Banh Cuon Thit Nuong (pictured below), Nem Ran (fried spring rolls).


Banh Cuon Thit Nuong served as one of the dishes on the Khanh Restaurant phối meal

Hanh Restaurant, 11 Duong Pho Duc Chinh, Hue 9.00am to lớn 9.30pm A phối meal is 120,000vnd per person


Although my time in Hue was brief, just 4 days, I was able to lớn try many of the local Hue food dishes that had been sitting on my “what to eat in Hue” list, with my favourite memory being eating Bun Bo Hue at Dong ba Market.

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