Octopus sausage: a fun recipe to try

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Octopus Hot Dogs are a fun and easy to lớn make treat. You only need one ingredient: Japanese sausages (or regular hot dogs)! Make a few cuts to size the octopus “legs” và then pan fry till the legs curl up. Best enjoyed with rice.

Octopus Hot Dogs, ready to eat!

This is one of those recipes that are so easy (like Tuna Rice) that you hardly need a recipe! Think of this more as a guide or method.

We love things lượt thích Spam & hot dogs in Hawaii (hello, Shoyu Hot Dogs) Octopus Hot Dogs are another fun way lớn enjoy hot dogs.

This dish goes by several names:

Octopus DogsSpider Hot DogsTako Sausages (Tako is the Japanese word for Octopus)Octopus Sausages

Why This Recipe Works

This recipe is a no brainer. Just make a few precise cuts in the hot dog or Japanese sausage. Then pan fry (you don’t even need khổng lồ oil the pan because there’s enough fat in the meat).

The heat of the pan makes the “legs” curl up & get crisp. Then you are done! So easy.

This is a great dish for potluck parties, birthday parties (kids LOVE it when you make “eyes” on the octopus with black sesame seeds).

It’s a fun visual dish, và more exciting to eat than “plain” hot dog or sausage because of the crazy texture contrasts you get from the crisp octopus legs and the juicy head.

It also makes for an easy lunch/dinner, serve it over a big bowl of rice! Sometimes I add a Pocket Egg on đứng đầu if I’m feeling fancy.

The leftovers can be packed for school or lunch the next week. Just make a simple vegetable side dish (like Garlic and Ginger Green Beans) and you are set.

A package of Japanese sausages.


You only need one ingredient for this recipe:

6 Japanese sausages (or 3 hot dogs, cut in half)

Find Japanese sausages in the refrigerated section of most Japanese markets. These sausages are usually about 3-inches long và sold in packs of 6 or 12.

The most common brand is JFC and they sell 6-packs labeled as “Berkshire Pork Coarse Sausage.” There’s another brand (pictured above) that sells by the 12-pack. Both are tasty.

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Arabiki sausages are another popular option.

No Japanese sausages? No problem! Use regular hot dogs. Cut the hot dogs in half for this recipe.

Sausages, sliced and ready khổng lồ be pan fried.

Step by Step Directions

Let’s start cooking:

Lay the sausage/hot dog flat on a cutting board. Cut it in half – go all the way through but don’t cut the đứng đầu 30% of the sausage.

Note: The un-cut vị trí cao nhất part becomes the “head” of the octopus. This step forms two octopus “legs.”

Turn the sausage over 90 degrees and make another cut. Now you have four octopus legs.

Pan fry the sausages over medium high heat (there’s no need to add oil) until the “legs” curl up & get nice và browned.

Note: You don’t have lớn worry about cooking the sausages all the way through because they come pre-cooked. You just want to cook them enough to get the “legs” lớn curl & to give some color. Love those crisp, slightly charred bits.

Eat with rice ^_^

Ready to eat!

FAQs và Tips

4 or 8 octopus legs?

We usually make four octopus legs, but you can get even more detailed và make two additional cuts lớn create eight octopus legs. The more legs you make, the less high up the sausage you want to lớn cut (otherwise the legs get all unwieldy ^_^)

Octopus eyes?

Use roasted black sesame seeds to showroom eyes khổng lồ the octopus.You don’t need to add anything khổng lồ make the sesame seeds stick lớn the sausage. The oil on the exterior of the sausage automatically makes them stick. Super cute!

Want to lớn deep fry?

This dish is even MORE delicious if you deep fry (instead of pan fry). The legs get wildly crisp và curl up even more! If you happen khổng lồ be making other deep fried dishes (like Mochiko Chicken or Gau Gee), throw in a few of these Octopus Hot Dogs & enjoy!!

How to lớn serve Octopus Hot Dogs?

I always eat this with rice. These are also great for school lunch / work lunch because they pack nicely và reheat well. Popular side dishes to pair include: – Hijiki Salad – Simmered Daikon – Tuna Tofu Patties – Japchae(Korean Glass Noodles) – Garlic và Ginger Green Beans

Go pro.

Once you make this dish a few times, you’ll get a better sense of how many “legs” you prefer lớn cut and how high up the sausage/hot dog you want lớn go.Some people lượt thích shorter “legs” và others love crazy long “legs” for more texture contrast. There’s no right or wrong way, so just make sure to lớn have fun.