Vietnamese spring rolls


Our trang chủ version of a dish we learned khổng lồ make at a cooking class in Vietnam, these shrimp spring rolls are traditionally served with greens khổng lồ wrap them in before eating.

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This dish has three components: the spring rolls, the dipping sauce & the greens. While the spring rolls by themselves are already delectable, you don’t want to lớn miss the total experience by ditching the dipping sauce & the greens. Those two are what transform the spring rolls into a dish that deserves a standing ovation.


The proper way khổng lồ enjoy these shrimp spring rolls: Lay a mustard or lettuce leaf (or both) flat, pile on some basil và mint then place a spring roll on top. Roll up, dip in the sauce and take a bite.

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I emphasize the greens & the dipping sauce because, at a restaurant in Ho đưa ra Minh City, there was an American woman at the table beside ours and we noticed that she ate her spring rolls without touching the greens và dipping sauce they were served with. It was so tempting to walk over and instruct her but that would have been uncalled for and rude. Well, her loss. I don’t want my readers lớn make the same mistake.


Now, about making the spring rolls. You’ll need large shrimps for these spring rolls. You also need to lớn peel và devein them as though you’re making tempura. That ensures that they will stay straight, rather than curl, during frying.

The peeled & deveined shrimps are seasoned with cilantro, calamansi juice, fish sauce, sugar, garlic and chilies before they are wrapped.


Because the shrimp tails are left on, there’s a different way of wrapping the shrimps. The tail is left exposed during wrapping. That was how we were taught to bởi it at the cooking school in Vietnam so that was how we did it at home.

The wrapped shrimps are deep fried in batches. Because it is a bad idea to overcook shrimps, make sure that the oil is sufficiently hot so that the wrappers turn golden and crisp at the same time that the shrimps reach the just cooked through stage.