Fresh spring rolls {with peanut sauce}


Vietnamese Style with Rice Paper, made with Caribou, Pork and Prawns

I found a package of 3-year-old caribou; believe it or not, most of it was still ruby red. Cherishing the last parcel of meat from my first hunt, I was determined lớn give it the highest level of respect and make something quintessential Vietnamese.

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This spring roll recipe và almost all others on Chasing Food Club, cốt truyện a similar theme, they all encourage you khổng lồ use up what"s in your fridge, experiment and cook from the heart. The filling and kích cỡ of each roll are all about personal preference. This method inherited from my mother will act as a guide so that you can create your own family recipe.

Each region in Vietnam has a slightly different filling. For example, in the south, where my mother is from, fresh prawns & taro are common ingredients. While in the north, you"ll always see recipes with a few squirts of fish sauce. My mom frowns upon this, và her reasoning is, "it just doesn"t taste good with fish sauce."

This recipe features equal parts veggie và meat. The variety of proteins included ground caribou, ground pork belly, & hand-minced tiger prawns. The combination of veggies consists of dried wood ear mushrooms, carrots, & taro.

HOT HOT TIPS! Avoid bursting spring rolls và explosive oil splatter.

The wrapper choice is what sets Vietnamese spring rolls from the Chinese Egg Roll or Filipino Lumpia. Using rice paper instead of an egg wrapper creates a lighter, crispier layer.

Most Vietnamese families and restaurants have embraced the egg roll wrapper because rice paper tends khổng lồ tear easily, splatter in hot oil, & burst open. But I promise you with the few tips shared below. You"re golden, lượt thích the spring rolls you"ll soon produce.

Choosing Rice Paper

Look for rice paper made with a mixture of starches. These tend lớn be more durable. For example, I kind I used had rice, tapioca, salt, and water in the ingredient list.

Size (really) doesn’t matter, they generally come in small, medium or large; use what you like. Medium, which is around 8 inches in diameter produces the typical kích cỡ you see in a restaurant.

Rolling Station Prep

Before rolling, phối up your rolling station with 2 large plates, a bowl of sugary warm water, a tablespoon to lớn measure out filling, and a towel lớn clean your hands.

The sugar in the water helps brown the rice paper. The wrapper will remain trắng if you skip the sugar, even after frying intensely. In regards khổng lồ the sugar lớn water ratio put in about a tablespoon of sugar, stir until dissolved and taste; it should be only slightly sweet.

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Dip the sheet of rice paper into the water quickly và shake off the access. The paper will still be very stiff but will soften by the time you shape your filling. Some brands take longer than others lớn soften, be patient! It will crack while rolling if it’s still rigid.

To speed up the process, have 2 plates, each with a sheet of rice paper rehydrating. By the time you get khổng lồ the second sheet, it would have eased up & be ready lớn roll.

Do not try lớn get them perfect, some are tight, some are loose, it all ends up working out in the kết thúc once you drop them into the fryer. Lớn make them appear more even, I find when you’re folding the east và west ends together make sure they touch. If they don’t, the rolls will have a dark stripe after they’re fried. You can see this in some of the images in this recipe post.

Place your rolls onto a baking sheet lined with waxed baking paper, vày not let them touch; things get sticky real quick.

Before frying, let the fresh spring rolls sit in the fridge for at least 30 minutes, or overnight. This will help the outer layer dry up and prevent major oil splatter and filling from bursting out.


Double Frying 101

Always use the double fry method! First-round is at 345 F for 6 minutes. The Second round of frying happens right before you’re about lớn eat, at a higher temp of 365 F for 4 minutes.

You can bake them in the oven after the first fry and/or have been frozen. Get your oven hot at 400F và let them go until they are hot in the center, for about 12 minutes.

The unique trait about these rolls is that no matter how you try. They will not look uniform; each will be unique.

Freezing Rice Paper Rolls

Spring rolls store great in the freezer but only vị so after you’ve done the first round of frying. If you freeze them raw, they will burst xuất hiện when you try khổng lồ fry them again. Also, the wrapper texture is denser.