Fruit spring rolls

Finding healthy và nutritious snacks for kids can be a stressful task.Every mom has spent time researching & creating tasty kids snacks, only to have them left uneaten.

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Here at Meraki Mother, we have found two sure-fire ways lớn get kids khổng lồ eat anything. Firstly, make food bright, fun and colorful. Secondly, get kids in the kitchen. It is amazing how quickly they will eat something they have helped to create.

We have found the perfect kid-friendly snack which covers both these, our fun Easy & Healthy Rainbow Rice Rolls. We are pretty sure the grown-ups will love these fun, healthy rice paper rolls too.


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Why We Love this Rice Paper Spring Rolls Recipe

With beautiful fresh fruit & vegetables packed into them, these are a super healthy rice paper rolls recipe. We all want lớn give our children the most nutritious & healthy food possible, and this is such a fun way to bởi vì it.

Want more information on healthy eating for children? Head to our Guide to Healthy Eating for Kids. 

It’s easy & fast. If you haven’t used them before, you may be surprised at just how easy rice paper rolls are!

They can be eaten by nearly everyone. A question you may ask for children who suffer food allergies. Are rice paper rolls gluten-free? Firstly, is rice paper gluten free? The answer is tricky as some brands of rice paper is gluten-free. So be sure to check package labels carefully that they do not contain wheat flour. Secondly, we used glass noodles for this recipe which are completely gluten-free. But again, please kiểm tra all packaging carefully.

Easy and Healthy Rainbow Rice Rolls

Rice Paper Wrappers Ingredients:

Your kids favorite fruit and vegetables. Some rice paper rolls filling ideas are – Avocado, Strawberries, corn, carrots, cucumber, herbs, peppers & red cabbage.If you want to showroom dairy you can also use a hard cheese lượt thích cheddar.

How lớn Make Spring Rolls with Rice Paper

Step One

Cook your noodles as per the packets instructions. If you choose to dye your noodles, next separate into individual bowls for each màu sắc and dye. Allow to lớn cool.

Step Two

Prepare your rice paper rolls ingredients. You can really get the kids involved with this part. We used a spiralizer and metal cookie cutters to create beautiful shapes & textures.

Step Three

Get your rice paper ready.

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How lớn soften rice paper

It is easy khổng lồ learn how to lớn cook rice paper, simply fill a shallow dish ( that is wide enough to hold a sheet of rice paper ) with tepid water. Place the wrappers in the rice paper water bowl & let soak for 5-20 seconds until they are soft và a little tacky to the touch. They will still be absorbing the water once removed so make sure you only bởi vì one at a time so they don’t stick together and do not leave them for too long or they will be too difficult to lớn work with.

You will need to individually soften rice paper as you are going to lớn create your spring rolls.

Step Four

Create the best rice paper rolls in town.

It is easy to learn how lớn roll rice paper rolls. Place your softened rice paper onto a surface. How khổng lồ keep spring rolls from sticking? Try khổng lồ avoid wooden surfaces và try a ceramic plate or plastic cutting board. You could also try some lightly oiled baking paper.

Layer your ingredients in the center of the rice paper wrapper & fold in the sides and edges lớn create a parcel. Place the ingredients you want to be seen through the paper on the bottom layer & finish with the rice noodles. Be sure not to over-stuff or the rice paper will split.

We didn’t roll our rice paper wrappers as it was just too tricky for the children to do. This is part of the fun when cooking with kids. Teach them it’s okay lớn make mistakes và learn…plus they get to eat all the rice paper that tears.

Mix It Up Your Rice Paper Rolls Noodles

This vegetarian rice paper rolls recipe tastes amazing but you can always decide to showroom meat with some shaved ham mê or spice it up with peanut sauce for rice paper rolls. You could also leave out the noodles & fill your rice paper wrappers with extra vegetables and fruit too.

How khổng lồ Store Rice Paper Rolls

These delicious snacks are best served & eaten fresh. If you bởi have leftovers though it is easy to lớn learn how khổng lồ keep rice paper rolls fresh. Although they will have a slightly different texture from fresh made, the best way khổng lồ keep rice paper rolls for up khổng lồ two days is by wrapping each rice paper roll up individually with plastic wrap, then placing them in an airtight container & popping them in the fridge. Don’t eat them straight from the fridge though, leave them to stand at room temperature for about half an hour before finishing them off.

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