Vietnamese grilled pork patties with vermicelli bún chả hanoi

This dish seems to lớn be lượt thích its counterpart in Hanoi. Taste it and you’ll tell the difference between them.
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A bowl of Danang-style vermicelli with grilled pork - Photo: Hoiandanang

Da Nang"s dishes especially specialty vermicelli, beside noodle with fish sauce, fried fish noodle or beef noodle, it is definitely impossible not to mention grilled meat vermicelli. This noodle dish is not too unfamiliar, because you can find it in many different localities. However, grilled meat noodle in domain authority Nang still has a very own taste, making diners eating once water their mouth.

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And if you bởi not know where to visit & enjoy this delicious rustic dish, here are the vị trí cao nhất 10 places for you.

Quan Xuan

Address: 469 hai Phong, da Nang city

Opening hours: 8:30 - 22:00

Price: VND 20,000 - VND 30,000 (USD 1 to 1,5)

One of the places for diners lớn enjoy the best grilled meat noodle in domain authority Nang is quan tiền Xuan restaurant. The grilled meat vermicelli served by quan liêu Xuan attracts both locals and tourists by the full and colorful vermicelli bowl. Especially the broth served with vermicelli is skillfully processed with its own recipe, so it is not only delicious but also very tasty và smelled. Meat combined with vermicelli is also grilled moderately, when eaten, it is soft, chewy và still retains the inherent sweetness.

A bowl of grilled pork vermicelli is served at quan Xuan

Phu Hong grilled meat noodle soup

Address: 19 Yen Bai, da Nang city

Price: VND 15,000 - 30,000 (USD 0,6 - 1,5)

Opening hours: 10am - 11pm

With over 35 years of experience, Phu Hong is also a great suggestion for travellers when you want to lớn enjoy the taste of domain authority Nang grilled pork vermicelli. Although it is only a small restaurant located on Yen Bai street, from early morning until late at night, this restaurant is always crowded & busy with diners. Most of the people eating there are regular guests or travellers from far away who want to lớn taste the da Nang"s speciality of grilled pork vermicelli.

Located on Yen Bai Street, Phu Hong is one of the great places to lớn enjoy domain authority Nang "barbecue" vermicelli

Famous for being the place with the best barbecue in the city, visiting Phu Hong restaurant, customers will be served with a bowl of vermicelli filled with delicious vermicelli, grilled pork, fresh vegetables, & a delicious sauce. In particular, the meat there will often be seasoned carefully before going to lớn grill, so when eating, diners will feel the chewy, delicious, & attractive flavor.

Each bowl of grilled pork vermicelli in Phu Hong is given a lot of ingredients

Beside grilled pork vermicelli as the main dish, the restaurant also serves a number of other dishes such as grilled spring rolls, grilled pork meat served with vegetables and rice paper. If you have a chance, don"t to enjoy yourself with all the delicious dishes there!

Ba Trai grilled meat noodle

Address: + Branch 1: 194 Dong Da, nhị Chau district, domain authority Nang city

+ Branch 2: Lot H1-01, H2-02 Pham Van Dong

Price: VND 20,000 - 50,000 ( USD 0,8 - 2)

For Danang gourmets, tía Trai grilled meat vermicelli is probably a popular name. This restaurant serves 3 main dishes that are grilled meat vermicelli, spring rolls và beef with betel leaves. In which, grilled meat vermicelli is still the most popular dish with a characteristic rich flavor, delicious crispy grilled meat, & a delicious sauce. The price is only from USD 1 khổng lồ 1,5; but each bowl of vermicelli there is always full of ingredients và looks extremely eye-catching.

Ba Trai grilled meat vermicelli impresses with a rich broth of delicious chewy grilled meat

Ba Loan noodles with grilled meat

Address: 831 Ngo Quyen, domain authority Nang city

Price: VND 20,000 - VND 30,000 (USD 1 to 1,5)

Opening hours: 15am - 1am

Located in District 3, cha Loan grilled meat noodle shop is located at the intersection of Ngo Quyen Street and Nguyen Cong Tru, so it is not difficult for you to lớn find. The most special feature of this restaurant is that the vermicelli will be served with broth prepared with its own recipe. Accordingly, people will stew pork for many hours & then take the soft drink. Particularly stewed pork will be brought to puree và added lớn the water.

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Loan noodles with grilled meat impresses with the delicious và fatty broth
There you can also enjoy delicious spring rolls with a chestnut price!

In addition to grilled pork vermicelli, at ba Loan restaurant you can also find many other attractive dishes such as pancakes, grilled meat rolls, spring rolls. The prices of the dishes are also quite chestnut, so feel không lấy phí to eat và drink!

Con market grilled meat noodle

Address: intersection of Ong Ich Khiem và Hung Vuong, da Nang city

Opening hours: 7:00 - 17:00

Price: VND 20,000 - 50,000 ( USD 0,8 - 2)

Not only famous as the bustling shopping point of the coastal city, is con market also known as a colorful culinary paradise in the heart of da city. Therefore, when looking for the best places to lớn eat grilled pork noodles, you definitely cannot ignore the bé market area.

Visitors can easily find many places for tasting grilled meat noodles in nhỏ market.

Grilled meat noodle soup at bé market is often sold in the indoor dining area or on the street vendors of the ladies in the outdoor food court of the market. The noodles in each restaurant will have different flavors, but the common point of grilled meat vermicelli here is that the price is very cheap. Depending on your preferences, you can visit any point.

Dubbed the culinary paradise, con Market is also a trang chủ you can find a wide range of Danang delicacies

Kim Anh grilled meat noodle

Address: 125 Hoang Dieu, nhị Chau district, da Nang city

Opening hours: 10:30 - 23:00

Price: VND 20,000 - 30,000 ( USD 0,8 - 1,3)

For culinary devotees, if you want to lớn enjoy the most attractive flavor of grilled meat noodles in domain authority Nang, Kim Anh restaurant on Le Duan Street is also a worthwhile suggestion to consider. The first plus point of this restaurant is that the space is clean và spacious, providing a comfortable feeling for visitors.

Kim Anh grilled meat vermicelli on Hoang Dieu street

Although the restaurant is quite small, it is always crowded with diners in và out. Simply because the noodles here are not only delicious but also very chestnut, easily suitable for many people"s pockets. In particular, the broth at the restaurant is also quite special compared lớn other places with its fragrant aroma, rich & fat leopard. According lớn the experience of many diners, experiencing in Kim Anh restaurant, vì chưng not miss the opportunity lớn enjoy the delicious grilled beef guise leaf roll!

Besides these đứng top grilled meat noodle shops, domain authority Nang has many other attractive places for you lớn eat và drink. If you are a culinary fan, vày not to chú ý these restaurants to lớn have a trip of experience & explore the worth living city more fully!

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