How to make spicy shredded dried chicken


This Spicy Mexican Shredded Chicken is extremely easy lớn make in a pressure cooker or an instant pot, great for meal prep, and the perfect back pocket recipe for easy Mexican dinners! It’s also incredibly flavorful, ready khổng lồ go in just 25 minutes, & naturally gluten-free!


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Do you like spicy chicken nachos? Maybe spicy chicken burritos or tacos? Or even spicy chicken sandwiches?

Yes? Okay good! Glad that we are on the same page!

More importantly, if you answered yes khổng lồ any of the above questions, this super EASY PEASY, perfect for summertime lazy Mexican patio dinners, & extremely flavorful Pressure Cooker (or Instant Pot) Spicy Mexican Chicken is FOR YOU!



You only need a handful of ingredients to lớn make it. & I bet most of them are in your pantry already! It’s incredibly flavorful and a bit spicy! I’m not talking crazy spicy or anything that. But more like tasty-with-a-slight-kick kind of spicy!The recipe can easily be doubled if you need lớn make it for meal prep for the week. For that matter, you can even triple it if needed!It’s great for meal prep! Think Sunday night taco dinner and a week’s worth of easy spicy chicken lunches!.

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You will need just a few ingredients to lớn make this Spicy Mexican Shredded Chicken. They are:

Chicken: I use boneless và skinless chicken breasts. But you are welcome to use boneless và skinless chicken thighs if you have them on hand or prefer them instead. Spices & Seasonings: You’ll need some kosher salt và freshly cracked black pepper to season the chicken, và also some ground cayenne, smoked paprika, và oregano flakes. If you want khổng lồ make this milder, adjust the ground cayenne khổng lồ taste or omit it completely. Chipotle Pepper in Adobo Sauce: This usually comes in a can and you can buy it in most supermarkets. Just finely chop 1 pepper up và use ½ TBLS of adobo sauce in this recipe. However, do note that chipotle peppers are hot! So if you would like to make this chicken milder, feel miễn phí to leave lớn leave it and the adobo sauce out. Or alternatively, you can remove the inner ribs và seeds & then chop up the pepper. Spicy Mexican Hot Sauce (or Mexican style red salsa) – Use your favorite kind! I lượt thích to use Mrs. Renfro’s Mexican Hot Sauce or La Morena Picante Salsa. The prior is not insanely spicy, but the latter is made from chipotle peppers. Therefore, I would only recommend using it only if you know you can handle the heat. I have also used a combination of Frontera Chipotle Salsa và Mrs. Renfro’s Mexican Hot Sauce, and they work great together! But if you don’t like your food spicy và prefer not khổng lồ use a Mexican Hot Sauce at all, just use your favorite type of mild or medium Mexican style red salsa. Freshly chopped Coriander/Cilantro (optional) – This is optional. I recommend adding it if you will be using all of the chicken immediately (since freshly chopped coriander always tastes better in my honest và humble opinion) and if you know that everyone at your table likes coriander. If not, I suggest serving chopped coriander at the table in a small bowl. This way, whomever wants a little (or A LOT like in my house!) can serve themselves!Olive Oil: Feel miễn phí to use any other cooking oil you have on hand and/or prefer.


You can use a stovetop pressure cooker or your Instant Pot for this recipe. I’ve included instructions for both in the recipe thẻ below. But let’s go through the pressure cooker method since that is what I normally use (and what you see in the photos).

Season & sear the chicken: First, season the chicken with salt and pepper khổng lồ taste. Then heat olive oil in your pressure cooker over medium-high heat. Once the oil is hot, briefly sear the chicken breasts for a couple of seconds on each side. Dump all your ingredients in: địa chỉ all the remaining ingredients into the pressure cooker, & give everything a good stir to lớn make sure that the chicken breasts are submerged in the sauce.Pressure Cook: Lower the heat lớn medium-low and cover the pressure cooker, cook for 15-20 minutes (3-4 whistles), then turn off the heat. Allow the pressure khổng lồ release naturally (this should take 8-10 minutes), then remove the lid. Shred the chicken: Use tongs lớn transfer the chicken breasts lớn a chopping board (or plate) và shred with two forks. địa chỉ the chicken back into the sauce in the pressure cooker & top with the chopped coriander (if using). Stir everything to lớn combine with the spicy & delicious sauce.

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DEVOUR!: Make quesadillas, tacos, nachos, burritos, sandwiches, wraps, salads, etc. & enjoy!

Too easy right?! That’s the beauty of this recipe! It’s so simple và easy, & just so darn yummy!



There are so many ways to lớn have can enjoy this delicious, mouthwatering spicy Mexican shredded chicken! But below are my đứng top ten favorites things to lớn make with it!

Tacos BurritosSpicy Chicken Nachos (HALLLOO LOVER!) 😍Sandwiches (My current favorite lunch after a spicy shredded chicken taco dinner is made with toasted bread that’s slathered with mayo, filled with a few spoons of this spicy shredded chicken, some diced avocado, and topped with freshly chopped coriander và a small squeeze of lime juice!).SaladsWrapsMexican rice và chicken bowls (Try this with some diced avocado, black and refried beans, corn and chopped red onion! Don’t forget to đứng đầu your bowl off with extra chopped coriander, a dollop or two of sour cream, & a generous squeeze of lime juice!)Pizza (Try this with a naan base, mozzarella, and Muenster cheese. Bake in a pre-heated oven set lớn 200°C/400°F for 6-8 minutes or until has fully melted. & then you can go straight to heaven!)EnchiladasChimichangas (My all-time favorite easy chicken chimichangas recipe is khổng lồ die for when made with this spicy chicken! I serve it with a side of Mexican rice, black & refried beans, and also top it with spicy salsa, sour cream, plenty of gooey-melty cheddar cheese, & a big dollop of good ol’ guac! I’ll be posting this recipe soon, so stay tuned!).

As you can see, you will never be bored with this chicken because there are so many delicious ways lớn serve it. However, please don’t feel limited to just the above options – feel miễn phí to get creative! 😉



If you aren’t using all of the chicken immediately, store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator, and use within 4-5 days.



Yes! If you would like to freeze the chicken, transfer to a freezer friendly container & freeze for up to 3 months. Thaw the chicken overnight in the refrigerator khổng lồ use the next day. Lớn reheat, heat over medium-high heat in a pan on the stovetop. You can also just reheat it in the microwave if you like.


Yes. All of the ingredients in this recipe are naturally gluten-free. But it’s best to kiểm tra if the brand of Mexican Hot Sauce and/or salsa you are using is indeed GF certified.


To sum up guys, this Pressure Cooker Spicy Mexican Chicken has become a weekly thing in my house. & I am not even remotely tired of it because:

I LOVE spicy Mexican food!There are so many different types of legit tasty lunches & dinners you can make with this chicken.It truly is a meal prep godsend!

So get out your pressure cooker or Instant Pot và make some for a spicy chicken taco dinner tonight! While you’re at it, maybe even crack open a nice cold bottle of your favorite Mexican beer too.

Then go ahead và plan a week’s worth of easy Mexican lunches (and/or dinners!) and enjoy all of them lượt thích a boss! 😎