Spicy Chicken Satay Bruschetta


Sticky, sweet, salty, tasty goodness is all I ask for in a braai.

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And today, I had it all! I decided to lớn treat myself and my partner (to his distress) khổng lồ a braai. And even though my fire-making skills are close khổng lồ nought, it had khổng lồ be done. Just so you know, this meal is perfect for sharing and it ticks all the flavour boxes. Soft flatbread, sticky chicken and spicy homemade satay sauce can make anyone happy. After a day of braaing, remember the dessert & treat yourself to lớn an easy treat – you deserve it!

Spicy Homemade Satay with Grilled Flatbread and Crispy Chicken Skewers


Start by soaking the wood skewers in water (soak them until they’re needed).Mix honey, zest, water, soy sauce and chilli sauce and place in a shallow dish or Tupperware.Add the chicken (chicken breasts need to be diced to 3cmx3cm pieces) lớn the marinade.dienmayducminh.com.vnver và dienmayducminh.com.vnol the chicken in the fridge for 1-24 hours.Once the chicken is ready, skewer the pieces onto the wooden skewers.dienmayducminh.com.vnok the chicken on a hot griddle pan or the braai.*

* Hold your hand just above the braai grill và start dienmayducminh.com.vnunting.

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If you can dienmayducminh.com.vnunt lớn 3-4 sedienmayducminh.com.vnnds before you start burning it’s ideal for chicken wings và chicken breasts.



Mix flour & salt in a bowl, then make a well in the middle.Pour the yoghurt & oil into the well then indienmayducminh.com.vnrporate the flour mixture bit by bit with a spoon.Now, use your hand to lớn knead the dough, just lightly so that you can form a dough ball (it’ll still be sticky).Leave the dough to lớn rest for 30 min – 2 hours in a warm spot.Once the dough has rested, prepare the kneading surface by placing a medium layer of flour onto the surface & flour your hands.Tear off a golf ball-sized piece of dough, then roll the piece into a ball. Start pulling the dough khổng lồ resemble a saucer (or plate). This will help make rolling the dough easier.Sprinkle both sides of the piece of dough with flour & roll it out.Once you’re happy with it, brush with olive oil or herb butter & place aside. dienmayducminh.com.vnntinue this process until the dough is finished.Braai the flatbreads one-by-one on a griddle pan, 3 minutes per side. *

* Hold your hand above the braai grill & dienmayducminh.com.vnunt. If you can dienmayducminh.com.vnunt to 5-8 sedienmayducminh.com.vnnds before you start burning, you can braai your flatbreads.