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Spicy Eomuk Bokkeum – Classic Lunchbox Banchan

Spicy Eomuk Bokkeum is a classic Korean banchan.

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You’ll see it served in ready-made dosirak boxes và in school cafeterias.

In fact, I remember eating it often during my military service in Korea as well.

That’s because this banchan is simple-to-make - fishcake tastes good by itself anyway.


Just stir-fry it up, địa chỉ some sauce và finish with a drizzle of sweetness!

Today, I’ll show you the right balance of sauces to take it from a homestyle recipe khổng lồ that bold, restaurant-esque flavor!

For the base flavor, we’ll start with soy sauce & few dabs of oyster sauce.


The oyster sauce builds depth to lớn the salty base of soy sauce.


Then we’ll showroom a touch of spicy with the Korean gochugaru flakes.

And finish off with a lưu ý of sweetness.

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You get salty, umami, spicy and sweetness in one bite.

That’s why it’s called a “rice-thief” in Korea (밥도둑)

The best thing about this banchan is that it keeps well (can store in refrigerator for up lớn 5 days).

Plus, the banchan tastes good cold – no need to reheat!

For a mini meal, fry up an egg on the side - & serve it with the stir-fried eomuk, along with a bowl of hot rice.

(Note: If you can’t vày spicy, try the original-style eomuk banchan)

Cooking tips for Spicy Eomuk Banchan

There are a variety of eomuk products sold at the Korean Supermarket (comes in various shapes & sizes)

We’ll use 6 rectangular sheets of eomuk (~300g).


(Note: If the package you buy contains slightly more – like 8 sheets – just use all of it up at once).


Don’t forget to showroom that drizzle of honey at the over - it harmonizes all the different flavors.


That’s it folks – Daniel out! 🕺


If you kết thúc up making this dish at home, tag us on IG! We enjoy seeing pictures of your dishes in the morning.

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